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Welcome to the CLD Team:
Resources Round-Up

Our Resource Round-Up features useful resources for those working in communities in Glasgow.  Please circulate to your colleagues and organisations in your networks.

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April 2017

CLD Resources

Influencing Change: CLD in Scotland, 2001-2015

The CLD Standards Council has taken the  lead  in producing  a new (downloadable) book on community learning and community development in Scotland ’Influencing Change: CLD in Scotland, 2001-2015’ (The Making of an Empowering Profession, Volume 2), edited by Colin Ross, which brings together the key policy and guidance documents across all aspects of CLD. Read more…

The State of Community Learning Centres in Six Asian Countries

Two Associates of Glasgow University’s Centre of Research and Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning (CR&DALL) have published a Synthesis Report on the State of Community Learning Centres in Six Asian Countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Community Empowerment

Grant making through Participatory Budgeting

A ‘How To’ Guide  for community led organisations and community engagement workers is now available from the PB Network. Read more… 

Paris and Participatory Budgeting

What Works Scotland recently facilitated international learning about participatory budgeting between public services in Scotland and Paris, Their team of researchers and practitioners have prepared a series of blog posts to share learning from the experience.

Making Community Empowerment a Reality

The Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS) conference ‘Making Community Empowerment a Reality: a shared commitment to community development’ was held on 7 March 2017, in St Paul’s & St George’s Church, Edinburgh. A variety of presentations and items of feedback from the day are now available.

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Learning / ALN / Digital

Evidencing your work

The new Knowledge Translation Network (KTN) publication “Evidence from Elsewhere: Gathering, analysing and using other people’s evidence” can be downloaded here. Using other people’s evidence can be useful to fill gaps in your evidence or to help make a case for a new service or project. The guide is part of a series of publications:
Evidence for Success
Collaborating with academics 

EPALE's (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning In Europe) March theme was Digital & E-learning

Read more… on the role of technology in transforming the way people learn.  Additionally, the under noted blog posts  may be of interest ;
A digital inclusion pathway EPALE's Thematic Coordinator for Life Skills, David Mallows, reflected on the importance and process of digital inclusion of adults. The blog post includes three short video interviews with members of the European Basic Skills Network.
ICT in adult education: still failing to deliver optimal and sustainable solutions? Eva Andersson from Gothenburg University’s Department of Education and Special Education, argued that we still don't have the ICT tools we need in adult education.
Digital skills for learners and teachers Susan Easton from the Learning and Work Institute shared some interesting European initiatives for boosting the digital skills of adult learning staff and learners.

Developing  the Young Workforce Update 

This document from Education Scotland provides a summarised outline of the latest developments, resources and reviews within the main areas of work around DYW implementation in education. Read more…

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Criminal Justice

Families Outside

Voicing the needs of and supporting families affected by imprisonment in Scotland. Their Helpline can be reached on 0800 254 0088. Read more… 

Briefing by the Prison Reform Trust: Why focus on reducing women's imprisonment in Scotland?

Scotland has one of the highest rates of imprisonment for women in Northern Europe. The impact on children of parental imprisonment is profound – this briefing looks at working to reduce the female prison population in Scotland. Read more…

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Health & Equalities

Equal Oportunities for BSL Users

The UK government is breaking down barriers to ensure that people who use British Sign Language gain the skills they need. Read more…

Access Scottish Theatre Website

Access Scottish Theatre launched its new website recently. The site helps you find captioned, audio described, BSL interpreted and relaxed performances at venues across Scotland. Read more…

Childline has made a smartphone app for young people

The NSPCC’s Childline service has launched an app that is the first to provide counselling to young people in the UK directly through their smartphone. The For Me app allows young people to chat one-to-one with a counsellor, has a problem page, a daily mood tracker and a function to record their personal thoughts. Read more

Medicines in Scotland: What's the right treatment for me? Information for patient and the public

Copies of the above booklet for patients and the public will be distributed to each GP surgery, community pharmacy and hospital in NHS Scotland by the end of March.  A two page summary is also available which contains the main messages from the medicines booklet.  Read more…

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