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Feeling stuck?  Experiencing a problem but can’t identify the solution?  This brief is for you!

I've created UNSTUCK: Use the Brand-As-Business Management Approach to Troubleshoot Your Business, a short guide that introduces six prevalent business issues and the solutions offered by the brand-as-business management approach introduced in my book What Great Brands Do.

I'm also including a couple of recent interviews people have conducted with me -- check them to learn why I think "Customer experience is a battlefield" and "Sometimes, CMOs view their job as too small."


troubleshoot your business

Has your growth stalled?  Do you struggle to become more innovative?  Do you think you're losing control of your brand?  Are you concerned you haven't figured out your new business strategy?...your customer experiences?...or your employee morale?

Check out UNSTUCK: Use the Brand-As-Business Management Approach to Troubleshoot Your Business. 

customer experience is a battlefield

Customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken interviewed me for his Amazing Business Radio show.  Listen to our conversation about customer strategies and customer experience here.

CMOs view their job as too small

Branding in Asia editor Bobby McGill asked me "What kind of advice would you give to CMOs out there looking to enhance their brands in the retail space?"  Read what I told him here.

thanks for your input

Thanks for completing the one-question survey I bowed in last month's brief.  I had asked about the kind of content you are interested in receiving from me and your top two answers were my blogposts with insights about brands and brand-building and articles by me from Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and other publications.

So here are a couple of items for you to peruse:

I'll continue to include more of these going forward!


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