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Denise Lee Yohn - Brand as Business™ Brief

02.07.12 vol 043

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

What do Occupy Wall Street, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, and livestrong have in common?

They’re all cultural movements – that is, they are driven by people united by a common idea on the rise in culture. In recent years, smart marketers have started and participated in cultural movements as a way of connecting with consumers in more powerful, relevant, sustainable ways.

Movements also happen inside companies – where the values of the brand serve as the catalyst for change. In a guest post on the Uprising Movements blog, I explain why employee movements are important now more than ever before.

Check it out – along with a related service offering of mine, Brand Engagement Programs -- and let me know your thoughts on inspiring employees to greatness.


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Mutiny or Movement – It’s Your Choice

Business leaders have a choice to make. They can foster an employee movement that fuels the companies to greatness – or they can allow ignore, or stifle, the potential of their employee community.

Today’s workforce feels over-worked and underappreciated. Employees need motivation to go the extra mile even when they’re burnt-out – to work for more than a paycheck -- to put the companies’ interests ahead of their own. This kind of motivation isn’t produced by a top-down, feel-good, flavor-of-the-month program. Instead motivation comes when employees are inspired by a common cause and can participate in efforts to advance the cause through their work. In a word, it comes from a movement.

Lululemon employees are part of the movement that’s making yoga more than just an exercise routine. Zappos employees are on a mission to “Wow” customers. There’s a “make flying fun” movement going on among Southwest Airlines employees. Movements are what enable companies like these to thrive and grow.

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More on Movements

Employee movements work like consumer movements.

Buying something is no longer simply an act of purchase – it’s a way of expressing yourself. Just as consumers gravitate toward companies whose mission and values resonate with their own, so do employees. For many people, especially those just entering the workforce now, work is not simply a job – it’s an expression of self, values, and personal potential.

As the consultants who contributed to the late 1990’s turnaround of Best Buy explain, an emotionally satisfying employee culture is one that answers: “’Why is this important? What’s in it for me? Can I be successful?’"

That’s why a brand is the strongest engagement tool a business has. It has the power to connect employees to customers, to each other, and to a higher purpose.

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Service Spotlight:  Brand Engagement Program

Business leaders inspire and focus their employees through brand engagement programs. These interactive experiences engage people and equip them to bring the brand to life.

Download an introduction to how you can use a brand engagement program to engage your workforce with their heads, their hearts, and their hands -- and feet and contact me to learn more.

Discover other ways I help companies achieve their brand and business objectives.

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