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Denise Lee Yohn - Brand as Business™ Brief

06.11.13 vol 058

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

The adage “the only constant is change” may be trite, but it’s true.

It's widely known that change happens; what’s less obvious is what to do about it.  

Change typically elicits a passive reaction.  This brief is intended to provide helpful insight about taking a more proactive stance on change:

-  Change Happens – my latest post outlining two things that successful companies have to help them thrive through change.

-  Disruption – a blog exchange with customer experience expert Annette Franz Gleinicki about how to actually create change to your advantage.
I would love to hear about your experiences with change – please be in touch.


Like change happens -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Change Happens

Change, like sh*t, happens – but unlike its inevitable parallel, change doesn’t have to be messy and unpleasant.  In fact, I recently heard Joni Doolin of People Report/Black Box Intelligence make an important distinction that clarified the upside of change:  change is passive, but transformation presents an opportunity for you to play an active role and create a better future.

Progressive companies don’t just allow these changes to happen.  They anticipate change, prepare for it, and channel its transformational power.  Companies that thrive through change seem to have two things.

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Like change happens -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook


Check out this two-part blog-exchange I created with customer experience expert Annette Franz Gleinicki.  Because we have similar perspectives on customer experience, we decided to share with our readers each others' thoughts on disruptive experiences. 

Annette kicked things off by writing about Square, a company that has made a huge impact on the mobile payment experience for merchants, individual sellers, and consumers.  Then I described how Tesla Motors is truly “A new kind of car.  A new kind of car company.

[read Annette’s post]

[read my post]

Like change happens -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook


Service Spotlight:  Brand Diagnostic

Is change happening to you?

Are you looking at a new market segment and want to assess the brand fit and growth opportunity?

Are you having trouble discerning the real problem behind an underperforming unit or region?

A Brand Diagnostic will produce the insights you need to plot your strategy. 

I will audit and analyze your brand and business from three critical perspectives:
-  your customers – demand landscape, key target segments, drivers of purchase/usage
-  your context -- competitive strengths and vulnerabilities, category trends, macro-factors
-  your company – existing and pipeline products/services, capabilities, assets, resources

and produce an objective assessment, strategic recommendations, and thought-starters for the direction you should pursue.

Download an overview and contact me to learn more.

Like change happens -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Check out other ways I help companies achieve their brand and business objectives.

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