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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'm taking a risk.  

This brief, and the four-part blog post series it introduces -- A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party -- and Your Business Too -- is about a different way of thinking about the role of brands.  I use political parties as a starting point, and as such, I expect some of you might think I am advancing a political point of view.  Instead my intent is to share a perspective about how brands can be used by organizations, so I hope you will read it through a business lens.  Whether you’re the Republican National Committee or an executive at a corporation that sells a portfolio of products, how you conceive of your brands and the roles you assign them may be as important as the meaning you want to imbue them with.  
So please check the series out, along with a new What Great Brands Do infographic and my new HBR piece, Why the Print Catalog Is Back in Style.

A Brand Strategy for the Republican Party -- and Your Business Too

The 2015 mayoral election season is upon us and people may be considering the political strategies of the Democratic and Republican parties.  I've begun a four-part blog series that applies a business lens to and explores the parties’ brands in a way that reveals implications for all organizations.

Read Part One:  The Problem with Separating Brand from Product and
Part Two:  Driver Brands Drive Decision-Making 
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Part Three:  A Third Way -- Political Parties As Endorser Brands
Part Four:  The Roles of Brands in Businesses

WGBD Infographic

This handy infographic highlights the principles from my book, What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest (Jossey-Bass).  Please enjoy...download...share!

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Why the Print Catalog Is Back in Style

Given the new dynamics of multichannel marketing and commerce, as well as the new targeting and measurement capabilities of catalog marketing, I think catalogs are here to stay this time.

Read on.  


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