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Denise Lee Yohn - Brand as Business™ Brief

02.05.13 vol 054

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

I love Super Bowl ads as much as the next gal.  

But I always end up feeling conflicted about them.  I wish that brands would focus more on delivering extraordinary experiences than on running extraordinary ads.

So in this brief I offer my perspectives about advertising during the Big Game:

-  Super Bowl Ads vs. Super Brands – a blog post about why Super Bowl ads seem less relevant for today’s greatest brands

-  Advertising Lessons from Super Bowls Past – some advice for advertisers

I’d love to hear your point of view on big advertising.  Please post a comment on my blog or shoot me an email.

Like super bowl ads vs. super brands -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Super Bowl Ads vs. Super Brands

The medium may be the message, but an ad isn’t an experience – and shouldn’t companies invest in delivering an extraordinary experience instead of spending a lot of money to broadcast a message?!
Advertising on the Super Bowl is an effective awareness builder (how many of us would know what GoDaddy is, if it hadn’t been a Super Bowl advertiser?!)  But awareness isn’t what it used to be because the traditional advertising model no longer applies

Read on

Like super bowl ads vs. super brands -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Advertising Lessons from Super Bowls Past

Here’s some of my takeaways from past Super Bowl ads:

-  “Get your target audience right.” (be clear about who you're trying to reach) – from The Super Bowl’s Intended Receivers

-  “If you have something to say, say it.” (don't bury your message in stunts and stupid humor) – from My Superbowl Was Filled with Guacamole

-  “Know thyself.” (stay true to your brand and don't over reach) – from Manthems, Delusions, and Other Super Gaffes

The lessons still apply, don't you think? Check out the links to learn more.

Like super bowl ads vs. super brands -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook


Service Spotlight:  Customer Experience Architecture

If you want to build your brand through extraordinary customer experiences, you need a framework for optimizing, prioritizing, and unifying themA Customer Experience Architecture enables you to describe and helps ensure you deliver the optimal experiences to different customer segments in different channels.

It’s an “architecture” similar to other strategic architectures like a brand architecture or an information architecture that are used as planning tools.  Assembling a Customer Experience Architecture is like building a house.

Download an overview and contact me to learn how a Customer Experience Architecture can help you create a cohesive brand experience across all channels and customer touchpoints. 

Like super bowl ads vs. super brands -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Check out other ways I help companies achieve their brand and business objectives.

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What is Denise Doing?
  • following up on all the buzz about digital health and fitness at CES – check out my recap (4 1/2 minute video)
  • prepping to present “More Walk, Less Talk: Building Your Brand Thru Culture & Customer Experience” at CAMEX (Campus Market Expo) 
  • sharing “Nine Retail Tenets for 2013” (slideshow)
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