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According to Interbrand, the future of business is personal. We're embarking on “The Age of You” in which “Mecosystems” and “responsive experiences” will prevail.  In brand-as-business brief, learn about the uniqueness of today’s business environment and the opportunity for brands.  Also check out the brand assessment results and my latest Seeking Alpha column, “Is Casual Dining Dying?

You-ification – The Future of Business Is Personal

The Age of You”, “Mecosystems” (ecosystems that revolve around and cater to you), and “responsive experiences” (customer experiences that adapt to your needs and preferences) comprise the emerging reality of business, according to Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Brands report.

All the data people produce can, if analyzed and interpreted properly, provide the insight brands need in order to understand who they really are and what they really need.  It’s quite possible for brands to “integrate disparate products and services and develop experience strategies that truly sync up with our needs and preferences.” 

Read more about the future of business.

Most Companies Don’t Do What Great Brands Do:  Brand Assessment Results

Only 6% of surveyed companies are doing what great brands do.  This and other results were gleaned from the brand assessment that I recently invited you to take.

Check out more results.

Is Casual Dining Dying?

Casual dining chains, including Applebee’s and Olive Garden, continue to decline due to strong competition from fast- and polished-casual. But Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili’s Grill & Bar (owned by Brinker International) are bright spots in the segment.

Learn why.


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