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Denise Lee Yohn - Brand as Business™ Brief

11.05.13 vol 062

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

As we head into the holiday shopping season, you may be wondering about the state of the retail industry.

Is it healthy and likely to continue growing?  How are social media and technology changing it?  What is the future of retail?  This brief provides a few answers, including a piece I wrote for Harvard Business Review on national chains going local.  Take a look!

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Megastores Want to Be Like Mom-and-Pop Shops… Sort Of

You’d be forgiven for wondering if you’re in the right place the next time you walk into a Whole Foods and see hand-written signs, locally-sourced food, and posters promoting a community fundraiser.  Whole Foods and other progressive retailers like Starbucks and Lululemon Athletica are increasingly shedding their national standards and conventions to achieve a more local brand image.

Read my HBR Blog piece on why Walmart calls 2013 “the year of localization.” 

Like retail trends -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Holiday Shopping News and Forecasts

Here’s what I’ve read recently about shopping this holiday season:

-       Five Trends To Watch (Forbes) – including the National Retail Federation’s projection that this year’s holiday shopper will spend an average of $737.95 on gifts, décor, greeting cards and more, 2% less than they actually spent last year

-       Infographic: What Holiday Shoppers Want From Retailers (Pricegrabber.com) – highlight:  75% of shoppers say online retailers are the type of store they prefer this holiday season

-       Hey, Thanksgiving Shoppers: Macy’s Isn’t the Only One to Blame for Ruining the Holiday (Time) – a summary of the backlash, and the praise, Macy’s has gotten after announcing it would open at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day

Like retail trends -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

What You Can Learn from Grocery

Foodservice at grocery stores has come a long way from the simple deli counters intended for meal-replacement purchases. Grocers are now applying service and marketing approaches that were once the sole purview of restaurants, including offering free WiFi, comfortable seating areas, cooking demos, and more.


Read my QSR Magazine column about how grocery stores are changing the retail landscape and giving restaurants a run for their money.

Like retail trends -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook


Service Spotlight:  Brand Experience Day

Want to learn more about new developments in retail? 

Join me for a Brand Experience Day.  I’ll lead you and your team on a field trip to new retail concepts in the city of your choice, opening your eyes to emerging trends and new possibilities.  Then I’ll facilitate a working session in which we examine your findings and develop provocative implications, and then apply them to your business.

Learn how a Brand Experience Day can inspire new thinking and open up new opportunities for you.  

Discover how my other “brand as business” services help business leaders achieve their brand and business objectives.

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