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Denise Lee Yohn - Brand as Business™ Brief

04.10.12 vol 045

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

What’s important?

Value is defined as the relative importance of something to someone.  Values are the principles that are important to people.  I’ve juxtapositioned these two topics in this brief because looking at the question of “What’s Important” from different perspectives might just lead us to some answers.  Here's what I've got for you:

-  Value – In Five P’s to a Priceless CE Retail Experience, a guest post on CEA’s Digital Dialogue, I outline how to leverage five “P’s” other than price to deliver a superior brand experience.

-  Values – In From Values to Action, I relay what I’ve learned about values-based leadership from Kellogg Professor Harry Kreamer.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on “What’s Important” -- please reach out.


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Five P’s to a Priceless CE Retail Experience 

The growing penetration of smartphones and prevalence of price-checking apps may cause you to wonder if it’s possible to compete with low-price e-tailers.  And with recession-scarred consumers still so fixated on price, there is good reason for concern.

But you have to look no further than the Apple store to conclude price isn’t the only factor that drives purchase.  In fact, by leveraging other “P’s” to deliver a superior brand experience, you can diminish the importance of price and increase customers’ preference for your store.

read on

From Values to Action

When a B-school professor starts a talk by saying he doesn’t have answers, only opinions, that’s certain to raise a few eyebrows. But then, Harry Kraemer is not your average B-school prof -- and his approach isn’t standard B-school proclamations from on high nor are his teachings your average B-school material. 

I had the pleasure of hearing Harry speak recently and perusing his book, From Values to Action:  The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership.  His ideas are extremely compelling to me because of my bias for action and execution. 

read on for what I’ve learned from Harry


Service Spotlight:  Brand Diagnostic

?  Is your brand is strong enough to offset emerging threats?
?  Do different stakeholder groups disagree on what your brand strengths and vulnerabilities are?
?  Does your brand seem under-leveraged, but you don’t know how to use it better?

You need a diagnostic evaluation of your brand.  I will assess your brand’s current performance and identify opportunities for brand-building and growth.

Contact me to learn how a Brand Diagnostic will give you a reality check -- and the impetus and direction for building a stronger brand.

Discover how my other “brand as business” services help business leaders achieve their brand and business objectives.

  In This Issue
What is Denise Doing?
  • -  gearing up for a couple of speaking engagements, including “Elevate Your Marketing Game” for a QSR franchise conference – find out how I can inspire and teach your organization
  • -  wrapping up an analysis to help a client identify new high potential target segments and how to appeal to them
  • -  looking for feedback on my guest post on The upMover, Once Upon a Company, about how to engage employees with storytelling 
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