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Merry!  Happy!  Joy! 

In this holiday season my deepest thanks goes out to each of you who has made this such a terrific year for me.  I so appreciate your support on the launch of What Great Brands Do!  It's been a resounding success and I will soon post a recap of the outstanding opportunities you made possible (subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss it). 

In the meantime, check out my outlook for next year, Brands to Watch in 2015, and other great content including a brand-as-business briefs exclusive.  Thanks once again and blessings to you this holiday!

brands to watch in 2015

Brands to Watch in 2015

Amazon, IBM, McDonald's, Target, and Apple are among the top seven brands I’ll be keeping my eye on in 2015 to keep my finger on the pulse of consumers, companies, and commerce in general. 

Check out the full list and reasons why here

When Customer Loyalty Isn’t

Check out my story about my "loyalty" to an airline company in this excerpt from a talk I gave at a recent Savor the Success Mastermind Group event. And learn how great brands cultivate meaningful, sustainable, valuable relationships with their customers -- i.e., how they inspire true customer loyalty.

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Five Holiday Shopping Facts 

  1. The biggest retail sales gain since 2011 --  4.1% -- is expected this holiday season.  Lower gas prices and rising wages are contributing to increased spending.
  2. Online sales on Thanksgiving day were up 14.3% over last year, and on Black Friday, they were up 92.%.  Mobile sales outpaced sales via PC for the first time.
  3. Because more retailers opened on Thanksgiving and drew in early buyers, Super Saturday -- on the weekend before Christmas -- is expected to overtake Black Friday as the top sales day of the year for the first time since 2005.
  4. There's a 70% chance that shoppers who visit a store for on Black Friday will return 2-3 more times throughout the season. If they don't shop at a particular store then, there's a 30% percent chance they won't come at all that season.
  5. The Christmas shopping season accounts for more sales than Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter and St. Patrick's Day combined.

Sources:  National Retail Federation, according to IBM, Shopper Trak, America's Research Group.

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