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Dear friends and colleagues,

Do you watch Shark Tank?  I love the show, in part because of the business insights and lessons it conveys.  For example I've learned a lot about how to make a successful sales pitch.  Even though many of us are not in official sales roles, we all have to sell something -- whether it's our ideas to company leaders, our rules to our children, or ourselves to hiring managers and prospective clients.  So this brief covers "Five Secrets to Successful Selling from Shark Tank."  Also included is the scoop on my new upcoming book, Extraordinary Experiences, and how you can get a sneak preview.

Hope to hear from you soon!

five secrets to successful selling from shark tank

  1. Be different and memorable
  2. Prepare for your pitch to get screwed up
  3. Consider the additional value you might offer to your buyer
  4. Stay focused on the objectives of your sales pitch
  5. Know the difference between gatekeepers and buyers -- and be sure your pitch addresses both
learn more about each of these here

what great retail and restaurant brands do

I’m excited to announce that my next book, Extraordinary Experiences:  What Great Retail and Restaurant Brands Do, will be released in a couple of months.

check out deets here -- including information about joining the Great Brand Society, a select group of my friends and colleagues who will receive early access to the book and exclusive content and who will help me promote it.

brand leadership

You know how great brands dominate their fields.  You experience it every time you pay a premium for a certain type of jeans, or see a line of people camping out to catch the newest smart phone release.  Book me to speak at your next meeting and I'll show you how to achieve rock star brand status.  Here's my new speaker kit.


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