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Descriptions of how marketing is changing usually refer to new digital capabilities and media channels.  But a more foundational transformation is also taking place.  To learn more, read my latest post.  Also check out insights on brands in the news including Shake Shack, Coca-Cola, and Southwest.

The Transformation of Marketing

A foundational transformation in marketing is taking place – one that is elevating marketing into a critical, core company capability and shifting the scope of what marketing entails. Two Harvard Business Review articles shed light on this profound marketing transformation.  Marketing Is Strategy explains that activities traditionally relegated to marketing have become drivers of value creation and sources of competitive advantage.  The Ultimate Marketing Machine reports that “’Marketing’ is no longer a discrete entity…but now extends throughout the firm, tapping virtually every function.”  Read my post.

Why Shack Shack’s IPO Should Be as Popular as Its Burgers

Customers are used to lining up for Shake Shack, the New York City-based burger and shake chain of fast casual restaurants.  Soon investors will also probably want to join the queue to take a bite of the brand when it launches its upcoming initial public offering. Learn why here.

Southwest’s Rebranding May Be Well-Designed, But It’s Poorly Timed

Southwest’s recent re-branding effort may have gotten the thumbs up from branding gurus, but it’s the timing of the rebranding -- not the design -- that’s problematic.  Read on.

Soda Companies Are Cutting Calories by Pushing Water

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group recently announced a shared goal to reduce the number of beverage calories consumed per person nationally by 20% by 2025.  Watch my segment on FOX Business TV to find out what’s behind this development.


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