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I'm really eager to hear your feedback on my latest blog post, Are You Speaking the Wrong Loyalty Language?  It outlines a new construct for companies seeking to cultivate brand loyalty.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  Also in this brief, the new WGBD Discussion Guide!

are you speaking the wrong loyalty language?  

67% of consumers are not satisfied with current loyalty programs.  This could be because companies are speaking the wrong loyalty language.  Inspired by the book, The 5 Love Languages by marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, I wonder if different customers have different loyalty languages?  The five loyalty languages could be:

  1. perks -- This language involves giving away products and other benefits
  2. recognition -- Some people just want to achieve the status 
  3. personalization -- This language communicates with customers personally and offers products and service tailored for them
  4. access -- To this person, greater loyalty yields exclusive access to special services and offers 
  5. discounts -- This language culminates in discounted or free products 
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WGBD discussion guide

I’ve just released the Discussion Guide for my book What Great Brands Do.  Packed with provocative questions for each chapter, the Guide is intended to stimulate conversations about the brand-building  principles and actions that will move your organization forward.   And best of all, I’m making the guide available for FREE!

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