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Child Care Business Owner
 Cathy Abraham  


The Missing Element!

According to Louis Torelli, M.S.Ed., "There is an element lacking at most childcare centers. An element that I believe is fundamental to the development of the "whole child". That element is male teachers and caregivers." I must add that I agree with Louis 100%!

In fact, prior to discovering Louis Torelli's article," Quality Childcare: The Missing Element—Men, I read some statistics in another article that indicated that the childcare field is made up of 93% women.
Furthermore, my hope is that those numbers change.

If you visit a local school, you will notice that there are just as many men teaching as women. So why is the childcare field dominated by women? Check out Louis Torelli's article and be sure to follow the Child Care Business Owner blog during the month of June. In fact, the theme for the Child Care Business Owner blog during the month of June 2012 is, "Men in Child Care."

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