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Your Dream Will Come True (Get Focused)
On October 1, 2014, my husband and I signed the lease on our Dream Location. That was an exciting day for the both of us! In fact, that was the day that I realized that I am finally moving in the Direction of my dreams and I could hardly believe that we were sitting at the table with the children of the man who built our new location over 20 years ago.

While we were signing the lease, the Owners of the building revealed to us why they chose us and they said this: "We chose you because we loved the name Learning Days and we also love the fact that your husband (who happens to be a contractor) will help you maintain the building."

I shared this with you to let you know that, your name speaks volumes about your Business! Also, be sure that you have an assigned maintenance person when negotiating a lease or even buying a building.

During this season of my Business Journey, I have been preparing my mind to do bigger things. When I moved out of my home in 2003 into my first center; we went from 10 to 40 children. Now we are moving into a Center that will be licensed for 99 children or more and has over 6,000 square feet.

To be honest with you, this expansion has stretched my Faith and has reminded me that as you grow in Business or reach a new level; it is vital that you Stay focused, Be positive and Develop your Faith in God!

Need some help getting focused? Back in November 2013, I hosted a series of mid-week inspirational coaching calls and I have been inspired to share the call with you: 
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Thanks Bradley's Little Angels For sharing this photo with me. The Owner is a member of the Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club and I am so excited to see that she is implementing the activities in her program! 
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