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Rev. Lori G. Hlaban, Minister
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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort
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December Theme: Awe
December 22 – Watch for the Light – Rev. Lori
December 24 – Christmas Eve Service! 5:30pm
December 29 – Ring in the New Year – Rev. Lori

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UUFB Membership Blood Drive!

UUFB is teaming up with the American Red Cross for a Blood Drive at our site to be held early in 2020.  Our first motivation for doing this is helping the Red Cross, who is always in need of donors.  Secondarily, we are hoping to introduce some of our Ladys Island neighbors to our fellowship, where we remain largely unknown to many who pass by on their daily commute.

While we have not yet selected a date, we need to know how many members and friends would be willing to participate if their schedules permit.  This Sunday you will find a sign-up sheet for this event in the foyer of the sanctuary.  I hope that many of you will find it in your hearts to participate, if so, please add your name to the list.  For efficiency, you will be given a donation time slot as we get closer to the event.

UUFB Connections Class
You Are Invited!

Come learn about Unitarian Universalism and our Fellowship.
Everyone is welcome!

Sunday, January 26 from 11:30-1:30
UUFB Fellowship building

Sign up at the Visitor’s Table in the Sanctuary or email Ellen Kelley. Please see a membership-blue button person or email if you need more details.

My Turn….
by Mal Martino

My turn to write a few paragraphs to share who I am and what I do within our UUFB community.  Actually, I volunteered to write.  That’s our nature as UUs… volunteering, helping, giving, leading, listening.  It took me a few years to feel comfortable enough to truly get involved but once I did it was many things -- fulfilling, exhausting, worthwhile, being useful, feeling a part of a community of caring people.

For the last three years, I have served as an At-Large Board member.   To attend and participate in the Board Meetings has been an interesting process.   The Board is a collection of personalities and talents -- our discussions are civil, sometimes animated, always educational and a cooperative effort.   I represent the Board on the Nominating Committee serving as its Chair.   At the moment I am the entire Policy Committee, and would welcome another member or two to join me.  Give me a call.  Finally, I am on the Aesthetic Committee when it is called upon for a decorating decision -- don’t really know why I am on this committee as the other members are much more qualified to pick the right color than I am.   

2019’s Budget made me concerned that we couldn’t continue to have deficit budgets and stay financially sound.   Deena Culp and I did some brainstorming and held some fundraising dinners, John Hoffman led the men of the UUFB to a offer a fabulous 
‘Men Who Cook” event, Jean Griffith and I co-chaired the Spring Yard Sale with the help of many, and of course our JW & Jinny Eads with their Service Auction Team extraordinaire which was a great success.  We all worked to raise some funds while at the same time had fun, deepened friendships, made us feel responsible and accountable to UUFB’s financial health. Work never felt so good.

I am looking forward to doing some more dinners in 2020 and hope other UUs will step up with their ideas to put on events which are fun, inclusive and will help our Budget stay in the BLACK. 

I appreciate being a part of the UUFB family, I love our generous hearts and community spirit.


At the November 24 service, UUFB members and friends received informational pamphlets and small cardboard boxes to put on their dining room table to collect change each time they sit down to a meal.  This is part of the annual “Guest at Your Table” fundraiser for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).The box with donations will be collected Christmas Eve or Day and sent to UUSC as our contribution to UUSC’s efforts. This year’s theme is “Women Leaders, Strong Communities.”

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. (UUSC) is an independent nonsectarian 501 c3 nonprofit membership organization, affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. They are a leading voice for human rights and social justice in the United States and the world.  UUSC partners with local organizations in many countries working for justice and improving lives. UUFB is a member and supports this organization through our Social and Environmental Justice Committee.

If you weren’t able to get a donation box, there is one in the foyer of each of our buildings where you can contribute! Thank you for your generosity!


Braving The Wilderness Book Groups Forming!

As we know,  Minister Emeritus, Rev. Nan urged us in her sermon during Founders Weekend to read Brene Brown's Braving the Wilderness together. Rev Lori has embraced this idea.  In chatting with many of you, there is a lot of interest in doing just that.  We are planning an organizational meeting to find out just how many of us are interested and how we would like to proceed.  The organizational gathering will be Sunday,  December 15th at 11:30.  Because we are expecting that there may be quite a few of us, we may need to break up into groups, based on our needs and interests.  We hope to have the book group(s) begin in January.

Several approaches to reading and discussing the book can be considered:

  • A one-time discussion upon completion 
  • A four - six part discussion every other week as we read.
  • Shared facilitation
  • Group sizes: 6-10 members
  • Choose one or more possible meeting times.
  • Consider using Quaker, Parker Palmer's Circle of Trust Touchstones as a guide for discussion.

Join us for this organizational meeting.  Sign up then for the format you prefer, and choose a time that works for you!  And if you would like to see Brene Brown in action, you can watch her TED Talk here.

~Jennifer Rhodes and Kate Hudson


The Christian Affinity Group met on November 3, 2019 and had a lively discussion of books for reinterpreting Christianity. Members suggested a wide variety of excellent books and decided on the following to read and discuss. Discussion leaders are also listed. The meetings will take place in the Religious Education room at 11:30 after the Sunday coffee hour. All meetings are open to UUFB members and friends.

January  12, 2020: “Why Christianity Must Change or Die”  by Bishop John Shelby Spong. Discussion leader: Jay Weidner.

March 8, 2020: “The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers” by Amy Hollingsworth. Discussion Leader: Ben Sellers.

May 17, 2020: “Christ for Unitarian Universalists” by Scotty McLennan. Discussion Leader: Rev. Lori. 

Also mark your calendars for the popular Christmas Carol Hymn Sing and Pot luck on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at 5:00PM in Fellowship Hall.

For more information contact Barbara James.

Habitat Faith Build Events!

UUFB is partnered with other Beaufort area faith groups on the Faith Build house, a project of Habitat for Humanity of the LowCountry.  Our volunteers who have gone through the introductory training have already been emailed, but we'd like to highlight an event open to the general public.

12 noon - Saturday December 14 - The Faith Build house (2523 Mossy Oaks Road in Beaufort) will be dedicated and the keys presented to the Green family.  You are encouraged to attend this event if you volunteered on the house, or if you contributed financially.  UUFB made a significant contribution in both ways, and it would be fun to have to a good showing.  

Also, I'd like to remind you that there remain opportunities to do items from the final punch list of the Faith Build on Thursdays, 8am-12. Sign up at

Any questions? Contact Tom Hlaban.

To Be Continued…
a column by Rev. Lori G. Hlaban 

Dear Ones,

In the midst of the holiday festivities, I’ve been hearing a lot about the new movie about Fred Rogers – Mister Rogers of PBS children’s television. I’ve yet to find a person who had a bad thing to say about the movie – or about Mister Rogers. He was one of those rare people who was always just himself, whether he was interacting with a child on his show, giving voice to Daniel Striped Tiger, or testifying in a Congressional hearing. 

I’ve been thinking about him and trying to pin down what made him so special. His authenticity, of course, and much more. When he asked questions, he always listened carefully to the answers, then let the speaker know he’d heard them. Often that led to another question. Even when he talked about topics that seemed taboo, he was appropriately direct and strove to make everyone comfortable. He offered kindness and compassion to all. 

Chris Raskind and I have talked about creating a “Mister Rogers” service for some time, and we may do that in the New Year! In the meantime, you might check out one of the books the Christian Affinity Group has chosen to read: The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, by Amy Hollingsworth. Fred Rogers was ordained as a Presbyterian minister, with a special ministry to children. While he never made a big deal out of his faith publicly, it informed every aspect of his life. He embodied the saying often attributed to St. Francis: “Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.”

As we move through these hectic days, anticipating (or dreading) family get togethers, there are few better examples of how to remain kind and compassionate than Fred Rogers. 

Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, Please come celebrate with us! This coming Sunday David Hudson will offer a service called “Wrestling with Spirit.” On Dec. 22, I’m back in the pulpit with “Watch for the Light;” and we especially encourage you to attend our Christmas Eve lessons & carols service on Dec. 24th at 5:30 p.m.

Happy Holidays!
Rev. Lori Hlaban

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UUFB CALENDAR  - December 12-18

Buddhist Spiritual Affinity Group Mindfulness and insight meditation. 
Every Monday, 7:30-8:30
One Yoga Sanctuary, 73 Sea Island Pkwy.  All are welcome.
Chair Yoga Tuesdays, 10:30-11:45
UUFB Sanctuary, 178 Sams Point Road, Lady's Island
This Week:  (F.H. indicates Fellowship Hall)
Tue. Dec. 17.  4:00-6:00pm.  F.H.  Board Meeting.
Wed. Dec. 18.  2:00-3:00pm.  Common Ground.  Community Office Hours.
Upcoming Events:
Tue. Dec. 24.  5:30-7:00pm.  Sanctuary.  Christmas Eve Lessons & Carols Service.
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