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Rev. Lori G. Hlaban, Minister
Chris Raskind, Director of Music
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort
178 Sams Point Road, Lady's Island

Upcoming Sundays
November Theme: Attention
November 3 – Summer's End – Rev. Lori & Stephen Burton
November 10 – Squirrel! – Rev. Lori
November 17 – TBA – Worship Team
November 24 – The Thanksgiving Door – Rev. Lori

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Book lover alert! Come one, come all to the Sunday, November 3, 2019 Christian Affinity Group Meeting. Bring your favorite books for reinterpreting Christianity and understanding Universalism and Theism. We will review them and then further develop a program plan for the coming year.  The meeting will be held after the service in the religious education room. For more information contact Barbara James.

2019 UUFB Auction: November 16, 2019
 “50s Fun, Funds and Fellowship”

You are invited to participate in the annual UUFB Auction in one or more of many ways 1) as an attendee 2) as a donor 3) as a bidder 4) as an underwriter 5) as a solicitor of gifts and donations 6) food provider / donator 7) as a catalyst to bring your friends 7) and as a volunteer of your time.

We will be having a Silent Auction with “bits and bytes” and drinks followed by the Live Auction with our favorite auctioneer Tony Barbagallo who always fosters a lively and fun filled night.

Key to the success of this event are DONATIONS.  So please if you have donated in the past please consider doing so again or submitting your new idea for a donation, or asking your friends or business you frequent to consider a donation.

You can submit your donation in one of two ways.  
1.    Electronic Submission – use the Button below labeled “Submit Donation” and complete the form.
2.    Use the paper “50s Fun, Funds, and Fellowship” 2019 UUFB Auction Donation Submission Form” in the Fellowship Hall on the credenza below the mirror.

Completed paper donation forms should be left in the gray file tray labeled “Auction Donations” located on the counter in the Fellowship Hall lobby,  or given to Virginia Eads.

Submit Donation

If you have questions please call or email Virginia Eads.

Finance Matters
Jim Miller, Treasurer

UUFB has just celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding. Since the beginning, members and friends have operated under the guiding principle of generosity, giving freely of their time and talents to further the mission of the fellowship, and giving generously of their financial resources to support these activities. 

In the past several years, we have encountered forces, which have put a strain on the financial health of the fellowship. Not the least of these has been the acquisition of property – our first real home, and the commitment to full time ministry. Accomplishing our mission has required us to make a financial investment for our future. Last year this necessitated adopting a deficit budget for 2019. The primary reason for the deficit in operations has been insufficient income to support expenses, 85% of which are relatively fixed. However, most non-fixed expenses also directly serve our mission, which belies their “discretionary” nature. We’ve already experienced renewed generosity to help reduce the budget deficit. 2019 pledges exceeded budget thanks to a successful stewardship campaign. New fundraisers, such as the pasta dinners, men’s cookout, and chair yoga, have increased income while providing great opportunities for fellowship.

The 2020 stewardship campaign is in full swing. The success of the campaign is directly tied to reducing or eliminating a deficit budget for 2020. Early returns are encouraging, but we need everyone to pledge as generously as they are able. Knowing what to expect in the way of financial commitment plays a huge role in budget planning and how fully we are able to support our mission.

To cover the predicted deficit we have used cash savings accumulated from operations surpluses over several years. But we also have begun to investigate and develop additional strategies for the long term financial health of UUFB, free of deficits altogether. The Financial Advisory Committee was formed earlier this year and has been active in promoting new approaches to stewardship and long range financial planning. The committee is composed of a diverse group, who are uniquely qualified to help develop fresh, innovative ways of approaching finances and financial stability. This year the Financial Advisory Committee will aid the board in the development of the 2020 budget. 

It is important for each of us to understand how finances impact our ability to serve our mission. The board is committed to providing this information by publishing our financial reports each month. These are available along with monthly treasurer’s reports in the members only section of UUFB web site The treasurer’s reports provide analysis and comments about the financial matters of importance or concern. I invite all of you to read these reports to acquaint yourself with the state of our financial health and to help you understand financial issues. Like a good book, you might find that these make fascinating reading on a rainy afternoon or at bedtime. You might find drama, adventure, mystery, or suspense. No matter what, please free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns about any aspect of our financial situation. I am happy to provide whatever information I can to help each of you understand the complex issues of church finances, and how the board is addressing these. 

The financial reports are one way of illustrating how we, as a community, are able to live out our values. These complex systems are really just an expression of how we support our vision, our mission, and our principles. I hope they will provide a better understanding of what it takes to operate the fellowship as we want it to be.

In the meantime, I hope each of you will take time to reflect on just what UUFB means to you, and how you can continue to support it through your generosity. And I am reminded of the words of the Buddha 2500 years ago, when he pointed out the benefits of the practice of generosity, which brings happiness when we have the intention of giving, happiness with the action of giving, and happiness with the results of giving.

    Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy.
    While giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful.
    After having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted.

THIS SUNDAY, October 27th
Get to know about UUFB and Unitarian Universalism
All are Welcome!


SATURDAY, November 9th
9:00 a.m.
Penn Center Heritage Days Parade, with our own Rev. Lori as parade co-marshal!

Heritage Days at Penn, Worth Celebrating

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort has built and maintained a legacy relationship with Penn Center that reaches from our earliest days, when founding minister Rev. Nan White chose to keep her office on the Penn Center campus, to the present, as Rev. Lori Hlaban has been invited to be a co-marshal for November’s annual Heritage Days parade.

In the spirit of Unitarian Laura Towne, who founded Penn School during the Civil War, our members and friends have served in a variety of capacities over the last twenty years, most having to do with children. Recently, our volunteers restored the exterior of Gantt Cottage on the Penn campus, where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. stayed when meeting with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the 1960s. Two years ago we paid to put railings by the cement steps at the Penn cafeteria distribution center, where Second Helpings clients receive food, co-managed by UUFB and Penn Club members. 

We have shared many great events at Penn, including ministerial celebrations, congregational meetings, Unitarian Universalist regional and national meetings, and have hosted the Friday night reception of Penn Gala weekend. We have done that annually, since 2013 when UUFB was inducted into the 1862 Circle, the same year our fellowship was named by UUA as one of ten Breakthrough Congregations. 

Each year, our minister participates in the opening ceremony for Heritage Days weekend, telling the story of Laura Towne's forty years of service to the St. Helena community beginning in 1862. And, on Saturday we march in the parade. Last year, Laura Towne (portrayed by Suzanne Larson) walked with us. Rumor has it that she will be there again this year, and, as noted above, Rev. Lori Hlaban will be a co-marshal of the parade.

Join us on Thursday afternoon, November 7, for the opening ceremony. And/or gather with us Saturday at 8:30 AM at St. Helena Elementary School stand with love and march for justice in the Heritage Days parade.  

For further information contact Barb Banus or David Grim

Member Spotlight on Jay Weidner

    Jay Weidner, the owner of a Beaufort landscape business, creates beautiful flower arrangements for the centering table in our sanctuary every Sunday. Jay began attending UUFB years ago after a friend, Carol Yuynman, brought him to services every so often. He found the fellowship to be open-minded and a good fit for his humanist views. Jay is an outspoken but congenial and passionate guy who was raised at the Jersey shore by a father and mother who were uninterested in organized religion. As a child he attended Sunday school at a Methodist Church where he once asked his teacher if the reason Jesus could walk on water was because it was low tide. Her answer did not satisfy Jay of course. “You just have to believe,” she told him.

    After college he moved south to rural Georgia. “There’s no mafia here!” In Georgia, he lived on a farm with no plumbing and firewood for heat. He worked landscaping and then managed a natural foods restaurant. “We did farm to table international vegetarian food before it was even a concept.” Jay missed the beach though and eventually discovered Beaufort.

    Expert in antique china and pottery, Jay often haunts estate sales and yard sales: “I look for fine ceramics older than 20th century.” 

    His deeper passion connects him to one of the UU covenants: social and environmental justice. Twenty-five years ago he helped write a stellar tree ordinance for the City of Beaufort. Now though, he feels the ordinance has been eviscerated by development interests and his aim is to repair it. Jay’s vision includes making sure that pavements, parking lots and streets are planted with shade trees that will mitigate the ever-increasing heat of our climate, provide screening of new development for adjacent homes as needed, and illuminate the night at appropriately low density. 

    Here at UUFB part of our mission statement says that we are to be “stewards of the natural world.” Jay strives to live this part of our mission. If you want to talk to him, you’ll find him in the front row during Sunday service or busy bussing tables after fellowship. Thank you Jay for sharing your talents, time, and treasure with our fellowship and the greater Beaufort community.

Soul Matters Small Groups!

Are you interested in going deeper with the Soul Matters themes? Want to talk with a few others about what those themes lead you to ponder and wonder? Craving a place where personal joys and sorrows are shared? Soul Matters Small Group Ministry may be for you. 

Our first small group met during the last program year, and had deep, thoughtful, interesting conversations using the Soul Matters small group materials.

If you’re interested, please contact Rev. Lori asap! Have some questions? Ask! 

Habitat for Humanity Faith Build Project Update

UUFB is partnered with other Beaufort area faith groups on the LowCountry Habitat for Humanity Faith Build House, located at 2523 Mossy Oaks Road.  The house’s exterior is now in place, so the remaining volunteer work is ground-level and mostly indoors.  The nature of the work will continue to change as the build progresses towards its targeted completion date in October.

In order to participate, volunteers from any participating faith group, sign up directly on the LowCountry Habitat for Humanity site, in any combination, up to a limit of ten.  Those who have completed the 1-hour orientation can sign up for any Tuesday through Saturday they wish.  We at UUFB have identified all Thursdays from 8 to noon as our common workday.  Working together will be a great opportunity to act on our values, to build relationship among our own members and friends, and with others in a no-proselytizing interfaith experience.  

Those who are interested, and have not yet completed a 1-hour orientation program may attend one on the second Saturday of any month, at the Habitat office (616 Parris Island Gateway).  Please call Lee McSavaney 843-522-3500 at the Habitat office to attend.

Any questions?  Contact Tom Hlaban.
Celebrating Citizenship In Beaufort
October 26, 2019
2-4 PM
Beaufort Waterfront Park Pavilion

 We are recognizing the history and incredible positive impact of the people in our community who have come from other countries and earned their U. S. citizenship.  We will be celebrating over 1,800 Beaufort County Naturalized Americans and their contributions. 

 Hard work and passion to become proud Americans are the foundation and inspiration for this first event. 

 Join us to lift-up the importance of Naturalized Citizens and provide information and education to those seeking citizenship. 

 For more details please contact Kathy Folsom

To Be Continued…
a column by Rev. Lori G. Hlaban 

Dear Ones,

As we finish up our month on the theme of “belonging,” I must say that a part of me will always belong to the north. As many of you know, Tom and I spent just a few days in Vermont last week, thanks to last year’s Auction.

It was rainy, but the fall foliage was still on glorious display. Reds, oranges, yellows, and a few greens, all blending beautifully. With the light rain, a drive through the mountains felt like moving through an impressionist painter’s landscape. This change of color in the fall, from greens to vivid autumn hues, is something I really miss. I do not miss the snow, but I do miss the colorful falling leaves. 

The sense of belonging is one of the first ideas addressed by author Brené Brown in her book, Braving the Wilderness. This is the book Rev. Nan White quoted in her 20th Anniversary sermon, which she also recommended we read and discuss as a congregation. I think it’s a good idea, and wonder who might be willing to facilitate discussions. (There are sample discussion questions available online, from Ms. Brown.) Depending on how many people want to read and discuss, we may need to organize more than one group. If you’re interested – especially if you’re willing to be a discussion facilitator – please let me know.

Another potential book to read and discuss is An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. This is the UUA Common Read for 2019-2020, and a discussion guide will be published in November.

    Happy fall, everyone!
        Rev. Lori Hlaban

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UUFB CALENDAR  - October 24-30
Buddhist Spiritual Affinity Group Mindfulness and insight meditation. 
Every Monday, 7:30-8:30
One Yoga Sanctuary, 73 Sea Island Pkwy.  All are welcome.
Chair Yoga Tuesdays, 10:30-11:45
UUFB Sanctuary, 178 Sams Point Road, Lady's Island
This Week:  (F.H. indicates Fellowship Hall)
Sat. Oct. 26.  2:00-4:00pm.  Waterfront Park.  Celebrating Citizenship in Beaufort
Sun. Oct. 27.  11:30am-1:00pm.  RE Room.  Connections Class.
Upcoming Events:
Thur. Oct. 31.  9:00-10:30am.  Magnolia Bakery.  Women's Breakfast.
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