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When I first moved to Kenya from Vancouver 9 months ago I assumed the rainy season would resemble the Vancouver winter. A decent amount of rain, but business as usual. I thought, I'm not going to change my habits because of a bit of rain. Almost a year later and midway into the East Africa short rains and I have a confession. I vastly underestimated the differences. Courtyards, and parking lots often have minimal drainage quickly turn into massive puddles. Sidewalks are non-existent turning the road's shoulder into a quagmire of slick red mud making even a casual run unappealing. Furthermore as a motorcyclist I look up at the clouds from my office chair at the end of the day planning my escape to avoid the next downpour. 

I'm slowly learning to adapt, how you might ask? Well I have adopted the rainy season hermit life, going home, reading and working out inside. After a decade of living in one of the worlds rainiest cities I've been tamed by Nairobi's rainy season chaos. 


Ryan's Writing:

Imperfection - Poem

A poem written while traveling Turkey, contemplating the beauty of old hand made architecture with the advancing automated manufacturing of our modern world. 

Top Articles: 

Over the past 3 years I've established myself as an emerging market businessman. This article embodies why I wake up excited every day and love the off-grid energy sectors impact on businesses that will create 'the ripple effect'.
Energy Access:  


African Lights: Microgrids Are Bringing Power to Rural Kenya


Probably the best article I've read about SteamaCo my current business. Microgrids are a new phenomenon a few years behind Solar-Home-Systems and provide the ability for remote communities to create new businesses. 
English:Swahili Song of the Month: 

Sauti Sol - Nishike 

This is a lovers song about a man and a woman coming together. 
Top Kenyan Article: 

An Anticorruption Plea in Kenya: ‘Please, Just Steal a Little’

Living in Kenya I experience vehicles with flags cutting through traffic and I work beside the VP's compound where a helicopter whisks him away to avoid the traffic jams which his government fails to address. Now $80 Dollar pens, the modern story of Kenyan government theft. 
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