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Dear Friend,

July was a very busy month for us followed by a very slow month in August. This update details some of what we have been doing the past few weeks. The slow times in August have given me (Leon) time to reflect and pray for our workers in Israel, Syria, Ukraine and other difficult parts of the world. The article here in particular encouraged me to see that people are coming to Christ through these difficult times. Without your support for our family we would not be able to continue in our ministry that our workers around the world find so valuable. Thank you all!

It's hard to believe we celebrated 4 years of marriage this month! The time has flown. We went down into the Lake District for dinner and to see a theatre production. It was really nice to get away for the evening.

In our July & August update: 


Family Life

Asher is becoming a big helper around the house. He is learning left from right and usually gets the cutlery on the table correctly. There are other small things around the house he is doing to help his mummy and daddy. He has recently learned to drink from a cup like an adult.

He picks up so much of what we say and do. He imitates us in some of the most annoying and funny ways. He is learning about his world at a very fast pace. Just this past week he very seriously told Chrysti, “Do not eat the paint.” (It was non-toxic finger paints.) You look at him and see paint around his mouth where he learned the hard way…

Eva Joy usually gets a big smile whenever she sees her family. She no longer takes a late-evening feed and sleeps about 12 hours on a good night. She is very roly-poly and there are no worries about her being under weight.

I (Chrysti) continue to take more photos with my camera. For the month of August I challenged myself to take a photo every day. That can be challenging from a technical aspect of taking the photo, but as well to find the time with 2 little ones at home.

Office 365 Migration

Life for me (Leon) was exceedingly busy with the Office 365 email migration until the end of July. We made our project timeline and are now entirely migrated out of our Atlanta, GA data centre to Office 365.

As a family we took a week’s holiday to visit friends near London and register Eva Joy’s birth at the US Embassy so that she can get a US passport. When I walked back into the office after being away, I had 3 separate people say that they now understood all the time and energy I had been putting into the migration. They were very glad that I was back to take up all the work again.

Bank Holiday Weekend

We just had our late August Bank Holiday and did many things around the house. Asher and I (Leon) had a campout in the back garden. Asher did really well, and I think he will want to go on a proper camping trip in the not too distant future. Asher helped me with sawing, drilling, sanding and painting for a new bookshelf in the kitchen. We are also adding some insulation in the attic (loft) which requires removing all the floor boards. Asher helped with that and did very well at not falling through the joists or the loft doorway.

Home Ownership Process

The home ownership process still chugs along. We anticipate that sometime in September we will exchange paperwork and become official home owners. We're told it takes time for the legal profession to work through all the red tape. We already have plans for a few renovations to the house. In the process of purchase we discovered that the house was built in 1940.

Church Life

At the beginning of August we hosted a birthday party for a church friend of ours (who has become a surrogate Auntie to our kids). We always enjoy having friends from church around.

We ended the year for life group with a “make your own” pizza party. We took the month of August off to give us a break from leading and will start up again in September. Even though we have taken a break we still keep busy fellowshipping with others from church during the week.

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to dedicate Eva Joy to the Lord before our church family. It's such a blessing to raise our children, and we love that our church supports us in that.

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for how well the email migration went for our workers in OM.
  • Praise God for a relaxing and refreshing holiday.
  • Pray everything goes smoothly with the house purchase, and that it will be finalised soon.
  • Continue to pray for my (Chrysti's) hips which are painful if I do too much. I was able to get an appointment for physiotherapy in a couple of weeks.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti, Asher & Eva Joy
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