"I choose the true road to Somewhere
I post your road signs at every curve and corner."
Psalm 119:30
Hedding Somewhere: England Update
Dear Friend,

Life and death seem to have caught up with us over the past several weeks. It has even knocked us off our feet, but God is still showing His goodness to us. I (Chrysti) have been learning about finding hope in seemingly hopeless situations.
About 3 weeks ago, we discovered that Chrysti had a miscarriage. We don’t really understand why this happened, but we trust that God is still good in the midst of our grief. Please pray for us as we continue to grieve the loss of our unborn baby.

In this update:
Countdown to Home Assignment
It’s hard to believe we’ll be in the US in a month (17 April)! We’re in the process of filling up our calendar with meetings, and would love to see you. Please contact us if you would like to meet up with us if we don’t contact you first.
According to Asher
We had a visitor here for a couple weeks! My Grandma Agre (Chrysti’s Mum) came to visit. I like playing with her, and she gives good cuddles. I’ve been showing her my new skill of falling off the couch (HA!). She was also here to celebrate my first birthday! Mummy said I’m one year old now. Wow!
(Note from Mummy and Daddy: It’s been a joy to have Asher in our lives the past year. Children really are a blessing!)

Leon's Work
I (Leon) was to attend a leadership training course this week and last week. Chrysti and I decided to postpone that trip until a later time when we have not just lost a baby. I have just finished updating our office phone system to new hardware and software. I am really happy about the upgrade.
I have been doing extensive research into Office 365 as a possible way to acquire software licenses for OM and to host a number of OM’s IT services. Office 365 is a cloud service by Microsoft. It provides email and Dropbox type solutions as two parts of their package. Our current email solution needs some changes this year. OM also feels the crunch to provide a Dropbox type solution where we have control over the data at an enterprise level. Office 365 could be that solution.
Life in Carlisle
Our small group at church is already changing. One couple are moving away and we have added two more couples. We enjoy leading the group. They were really supportive of us in those initial few days after we found out about the miscarriage. The Body of Christ had “skin on” towards us in very practical ways.
We are uncertain what will happen with the group while we are in the US for 2 months. The couple we had hoped to lead are the couple moving away.
Snow in March? Asher was uncertain if he enjoyed playing in the cold white stuff.
Waiting for Daddy to come home. :)
Celebrating Chrysti's Birthday
Asher had his first trip to A&E (ER) after a collision with the coffee table.
Asher and Grandma Agre spending time together
On a walk in the Lake District last weekend
Did you know you can click on any of the above photos to see a larger version? Go ahead and try it! :)
Praise & Prayer Requests
  • We want our church small group to continue to grow in relationship with God and each other while we are away in the US. Pray for someone to lead the group while we are away.
  • Pray that we can connect with the right people while in the US. We want to share about our ministry and also increase our financial support. It will be a busy time and much different than in the past since we will have a 1 year old baby with us this time.
  • Pray for Chrysti as she recovers from the miscarriage (physically, emotionally and spiritually.) She has taken it really hard and is slowly working through the grief. Pray that we both grieve well and are a light to those around us of God’s love and grace.
  • Praise God for the way the body of Christ came around us when we learned of Chrysti’s miscarriage.
  • Praise God for a healthy little boy who continues to bring joy to our lives and challenge us to grow as parents.
  • We really enjoyed having my (Chrysti's) mum here. The timing of her visit was a blessing as she was planning on coming anyway.
God Bless,
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