We dove head-first into life since returning home. In theory this is to get over jet lag...
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A Warm Welcome Home

July 2015
Dear Friend,

It's great to be home! We dove head-first into life since returning home. In theory this is to get over jet lag. Asher got a chest infection. He was also sick in bed overnight on Thursday. While washing Asher's sheets I dropped a glass jar on our kitchen floor (one piece cut my foot). One of the tyres on our car has a slow leak. On Saturday we discovered that the tap (faucet) on our kitchen sink leaks into the cupboard below.

There are some positive things that happened since our return. Having such struggles was a blessing to keep our minds off our exhaustion from jet lag! None of the kids were injured by the glass and they are all recovering from chest infections and colds. We received a warm welcome from our church family on Sunday. It was lovely to fellowship with them again. Leon made it into work on Friday briefly to see how things were going. He was encouraged to find how much he was missed.

Our time in the US was all about travel and meeting with people. It was nice to make new friends, catch up with old friends and see family.

June & July Highlights

  • Chrysti is now 26 weeks pregnant. We got another glimpse at our newest little blessing on Monday.
  • We have a new niece, Victoria Grace. She was born on July 12th--two days before we flew to the UK. (We unfortunately could not meet her in person.)
  • Asher really enjoyed getting to swim in Lake Michigan (despite how cold it was).
  • Eva Joy is learning new words every day. Her latest are 'Papa' and 'Mama' ('Grandpa' and 'Grandma').

Prayer Points

  • At Chrysti's scan yesterday (and the one we had in the US), some concerns came up that require further investigation. I've been referred for another scan with some specialists in Newcastle today (Wednesday).
  • We've had a very busy first week back in the UK. Pray that things settle down soon.
  • Pray we can follow up with new and potential supporters now that we're back in the UK. The time difference is a challenge.
God Bless,

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