A September update from the Heddings in England. Please read on to find out what we've been up to.
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Dear Friend,

Syria, Iran and Ukraine have been in the news a lot. In these difficult situations we can clearly see that all the work that I (Leon) do to keep OM’s IT system running is critical to getting the gospel into these difficult places. It is great to read stories of OM workers ministering into these difficult places. You can read them too on OM News website.

Closer to home, now that we're into October, the seasons have made a more definite change. Cooler weather and rain mean that autumn has arrived with a vengeance.

In our September Update:

Fellowship in our Home

Ever since Leon got some wood from our neighbour, we had been wanting a bonfire. So one nice weekend in September we invited our friends around for desserts and enjoyed a fire in the back garden. We really enjoyed the fellowship.

In our small group we are all growing in maturity. The discussions are going below the surface and God is doing exciting things. We have found that we need to put in boundaries so that we as a couple don’t get burnt out. The plan next is to begin chatting about marriage and divorce in the group. We are excited about that as it has been a vision of ours for several years to dive into this topic.

Over the last month we've had several families and individuals around for meals. We enjoy enjoy encouraging people when they come through our home. I (Chrysti) enjoy improving my culinary skills when we have people around.

Purchasing our House

The house purchase will happen eventually. We don't know what is causing the hold-up. The hold-up is not keeping us from getting more insulation installed in our loft (attic) to keep us warmer this winter and we want to get some doors installed between our conservatory (sun room) and the rest of the house so we don't lose so much heat from our home in the winter.

Leon at the Office

Two months after completing the email migration the dust is settling. There was a bunch of documentation to update and a few small tasks. I feel it was a very successful project. The last significant task was migrating our Public Folders to Office 365. 

We are seriously looking at migrating most of OM’s international IT services into a commercial data centre instead of hosting it in our office in Carlisle. I am excited about some of the new technical tricks that we could pull once we have moved to a commercial data centre.

I have also been working with our development team to change our authentication scheme into OM’s intranet to use the same username and password that people use to get into email. And I am looking at what it would take to migrate our existing self-hosted SharePoint data into Office 365.

Next week I am off to Belgium for our International IT Committee meeting. We will have a couple dozen people fly in from all 4 corners of the world to discuss various IT strategies for the year ahead.

Blogging Again

After taking a break after Eva Joy was born, and then again for the summer, I've begun to get back into blogging again. Sharing my thoughts and our lives through the blog is something I enjoy, and it's encouraging to hear God is using my words to encourage others. I also find enjoyment in taking photos to include in my blog.

Eva Joy's Perspective

We can hardly believe that Eva Joy is already 6 months old! We're beginning to see a glimpse of her little personality. She loves getting attention from her brother, playing with a rattle, rolling around on the floor, chewing on her bib (rather than her food) and giving cuddles.

Prayer Points

  • Continue to pray for Chrysti as she gets physiotherapy for her hips. It's helping, but hard work to retrain my muscles to work properly.
  • Pray for fruitful IT meetings in Belgium next week (13-18 Oct). Pray for safety as Leon travels to and from Belgium as well.
  • Praise God for a little extra support this month! Maybe you could be that answer to prayer.
  • Praise God for a successful end to Leon's email migration project
God Bless,

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