We discovered coming to the US is a cultural experience for Asher. The things we find normal to us in the US are new and different to our son...
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Kids on Home Assignment

June 2015
Dear Friend,

Just over a week into our time in the US we visited a family friend in Missouri, and Asher had his first experience with American culture. On a couple different days the kids were rushed outside to see a turtle or snake.

While in Missouri, we had to travel long distances of 60 minutes or more to visit friends. Asher found a toy gun that made noises. He used it as a leaf blower because that was the only toy he had seen that was thin and long which made noise.

A week later, we met with friends at a children's nature park. Asher splashed in a creek and climbed a tree while steering clear of poison ivy and stinging nettles. Again, these are things that he hasn't experienced in England.

Asher has corrected us a few times to say the British word instead of the American word. For instance he told me very sincerely, that "It is the 'rubbish' not 'trash' mummy." He also "whispered" to me our very first Sunday here that this was not our church.

We realised coming to the US is a cultural experience for Asher. The things we find normal to us in the US are new and different to our son, who has spent most of his life in England. Asher sounds like an American, but acts like a British boy.

May Highlights

  • I (Chrysti) had the opportunity of helping with a baby shower for Leon's sister Kelli.
  • Eva Joy is confidently walking now, and is trying her hardest to keep up with her big brother.
  • We've done lots of travelling.
  • We have been seeing lots of friends and family.

Life on Home Assignment

We're in the US from June until mid-July. We want to meet with as many of you as possible.

Prayer Points

Nothing much has changed since last time.
  • Asher has a sinus infection that is clearing up.
  • Pray for continued good travels and meetings while we're here.
  • Pray Asher and Eva Joy will continue to be flexible as the only 'normal' right now is constant change.
  • Pray for continued good health, especially for Chrysti during her pregnancy.
God Bless,

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