This month we thought we would share a story from the ministry of OM. We found this story beautifully expressed one way a least reached people group is being reached.
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Communicating through Art

September 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friend,
We celebrated Titus's 3rd birthday in October. It's hard to believe 3 years have gone by.

This month we thought we would share a story from the ministry of OM. We found this story beautifully expressed one way a least reached people group is being reached. We are praying that our own expression of the gospel to our neighbours is as relevant and relational.

Ellis is as busy as ever and toddling about, figuring out this thing called walking.
We visited Horta de Sant Joan, Spain on holiday recently. Pablo Picasso spent 2 summers there.

In May 2018, OM Taiwan received three Christian visual artists from the U.S.A., East Asia and Hong Kong. Before they came, they had received a three-months training in Italy with OM Arts Incarnate – where they lived with various Christian artists from all over the world and learnt how to exercise their artistic gifts for the Lord.

After the training, they stayed for one month in Tong Luo, a Hakka town. In Taiwan, the Hakka people are considered least reached, with only a 0.2% evangelical Christian population. The artists were asked to create artwork which reflected the characteristics of the Hakka people as well as Christian values. By connecting with locals, the artists were able to find some cultural Hakka elements to include in their artwork. These pieces were pulled together in an art exhibition at the Tong Luo train station – the most populated public area in the small town.

The main purpose of the exhibition was to reach out to those who did not know Christ. The OM team had never done a one-week long event in the train station, and were not sure if the permission would be granted to do so. Surprisingly, when they met the train station master, he did not ask too many questions. Within only a few minutes, the permission was given for the exhibition. The OM team believes that it was God who opened the door for the event to happen in that location.

‘What is home?’

These three artists have different artistic styles. Jane* from East Asia creates artwork using languages and words. One of her pieces was to separate Hakka into “Hak” and “Ka”, which in Mandarin can mean ‘guest’ and ‘home.’ Then she wrote ‘What is home?’ and ‘What does it mean to be a guest?’ on a large sheet of paper. Many visitors came and left their comments. One uncle wrote, “I am a Hakka. I eat my dinner and watch TV every night.” A team member wondered why he wrote this because it didn’t seem to have anything to do with being Hakka. The elderly man explained that his children all work in other cities, his wife passed away a few years ago, and therefore, every night he watches TV together with the photo of his deceased wife and has his meal all by himself. He expressed his deep feelings towards the words ‘guest’ and ‘home’ because even though physically he was at home, emotionally he felt like a guest. This man visited the team every day during the exhibition to chat with them. Through these conversations the team learnt to deeply feel and identify with the loneliness of the elderly in the community.

Read the rest of this story here.

OM has a renewed passion for seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. We are privileged to support the ministries of OM from Carlisle, England where Leon wears two hats: he keeps the central IT systems running for our workers and is the team leader.

The children enjoy playing outdoors in the crisp autumn air.
Asher and Eva Joy enjoy making apple crumble with apples we got from a colleague.

Prayer Points

  • For months I have been working to purchase a server at our data centre in France. Each server we have been given has crashed after purchasing. We are now starting the 5th month of attempting to get a working server. Pray for a breakthrough.
  • Pray for us as we continue developing relationships with our neighbours. We had some good conversations with them recently.
  • We are changing the legal employment details of all OM International staff in UK by the end of the year. (I won't go into details why, but you can always ask if you want to know.) I (Leon) am helping facilitate this as much as my role as team leader allows. Be praying for the team to make this change well and for all the details that must be resolved before January 1, 2019.
God Bless,
Leon, Chrysti, Asher, Eva Joy & Ellis xxxxx
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