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5 Quick Takes

April 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friend,
Happy 10th Birthday to Asher!
Happy 8th Birthday to Eva Joy!
In this update, we thought we would do quick snippets on different topics we are certain will come up when we are in the US this summer.

1. Living with COVID-19

Since lockdown restrictions ended last summer, we tested for COVID twice weekly so we could self-isolate if necessary. Two weeks ago, the public health system stopped providing free tests. We can no longer test regularly unless we pay for a test. Cases continue to soar, but we’re finally learning to live with the virus. We hear that free tests were never available in the US. What else was different between the two nations' lockdowns?

2. It costs how much?

The cost of living is going up as one side effect of the pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. I’m sure those in the US have also felt the pinch as gas prices soar to record highs. The cost of food and other amenities has also gone up for us. As a point of reference, it now costs $7.64 for a gallon of gas.

Hot cross buns are part of Easter tradition in the UK. They normally aren't this gigantic though! 😁

3. It's time to travel again.

We’re learning to travel again. The pandemic changed how we travel many times over the course of the past 2 years, and Leon hasn’t travelled in over 2 years now. We are now seeing a relaxing of restrictions. It seems to be a progression from no travel allowed, quarantine for a period, vaccinate and travel with minimal restrictions, pre- and post- flight testing and maybe none soon. We shall find out on 18 April if the entire family, including Iris at 2 years old, will need to wear a face mask when we fly next month to the US.

In about a month, Leon travels to Cyprus for OM’s international leaders’ meeting. It will be the first time he’s travelled outside the UK since the first lockdown. Please pray for safety and good health while Leon travels and upon his return. Pray also for Chrysti while Leon is away.

4. Just drop by anytime.

Visiting friends is something we took for granted prior to the pandemic. In the last month, we’ve either had friends drop in to visit us or we’ve dropped in on some of our friends. It’s lovely to visit each other in our homes again. It seems so strange to just drop in unannounced after not going places for so long. I think our trip to the US will be a shock to our systems with all our meetings we have been scheduling.

5. Growing our own food

It’s finally turned spring here in the UK. A lifeline for us during the pandemic has been our allotment. I think many people have turned to gardening during the pandemic. Growing our own food may also help us as the cost of living has gone up so much in the UK. We have lots of little seedlings already in the ground or growing in pots nearly ready to go out. We hope they won’t die or get overrun by weeds when we are in the US.

Ukraine Crisis

We often can't share much of the work that OM does due to security concerns for the workers and believers on the ground. The current circumstances in Ukraine don't have the same security restrictions. The following video shows a little bit of the work OM is doing along the border to Ukraine. I know a couple of the people in this video personally and our prayers are constantly raised for the people of Ukraine and Russia.
The days are getting longer. The sun sets just after 8 now.

Prayer Points

  • Pray we all stay healthy between now and when we travel to the US.
  • Pray for all the details of our trip to the US.
  • Pray for Leon at work. The amount of work he and his colleagues have is very overwhelming right now.
God Bless,
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