"I choose the true road to Somewhere
I post your road signs at every curve and corner."
Psalm 119:30
Hedding Somewhere: England Update
Dear Friend,

Chrysti and I seem to be really busy with life these days. We have found that leading the small group in church takes more time than expected, but we are enjoying the dividends. Asher keeps growing and learning new things. This week he figured out climbing the stairs!

In this update:
Our time in the US is getting closer now that we have our flights booked! We’ll be in the US from 17 April until 19 June. We’re looking forward to seeing our families and letting them meet Asher. In the coming weeks, we'll begin to set up meetings and get an itinerary set for our time in the US.
Leon’s Work
After a few hiccups I did get our monitoring system updated. We have already put it to good use in averting potential problems before they got really big. We can now better track system usage and better utilised the hardware that we use in hosting various IT services for OM internally.
Thanks for prayers for our IT strategy meetings. They were 4 very intense days. We had some tough questions to think through and I think we made some good progress. One thing I am keen to see happen is more focus on providing evangelistic IT tools and less on keeping the IT infrastructure running. There are vast possibilities to reach the entire world with mobile phone technology. The high numbers of people (and ever increasing) in every part of the world with a mobile phone is incredible.
According to Asher
I have a new favourite book I like to read called "Our New Baby." Mummy and Daddy tell me it's because I'm going to be a big brother! I'm excited. Mummy says I have to wait until September to meet my new brother or sister!
Attempts at getting Asher's passport photo
A true Brit already: Enjoying a "cup of tea!"
Chrysti made an English roast dinner!
Our first snowfall of the year! (It melted by the afternoon)
Asher is SOOOO big! (video)
Pancake race for Pancake Day. Leon came in 2nd place!
Did you know you can click on any of the above photos to see a larger version? Go ahead and try it! :)
Praise & Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for us as Leon is travelling to Germany next month for a 2-week leadership training course and I (Chrysti) will have my hands full with the pregnancy and an 11 month old.
  • Praise God for another little one on the way! Please pray for a healthy pregnancy for both mum and baby.
  • I (Leon) am investigating the use of Office 365 as a possible solution for OM. Please for wisdom in determining if this is possible and the best decision.
  • Our life group is going well! Praise God for relationships being developed and the people who attend!
God Bless,
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