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Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! We had a lovely Christmas and have enjoyed receiving Christmas letters and updates from you all. Drop us a line this New Year with any news and happenings in your life. We'd love to hear from you!

Our life will change dramatically in about 2.5 months when our second child arrives. Family and church life keep us busy and I (Leon) have plenty of work for OM to keep me busy. God has been faithful and we end the year healthy.

In our December & January update: 

Celebrating Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas in Carlisle this year. It was nice not to travel anywhere for the holidays. We celebrated Christmas as a family in the morning, and then celebrated an international Christmas over Skype with Leon’s family. We had family in the US and in Nicaragua! It’s pretty amazing what technology allows us to do!
In the UK, the day after Christmas is Boxing Day when traditionally people on our team gather together with all the left-over food from Christmas Day. Since most of us are away from extended family we use the day to hangout with friends. So we decided this year to host a group of friends at our house. We crammed a dozen of us into our home. We enjoyed a lovely meal, a trivia game Leon got for Christmas and chatted.

Life in Carlisle

Leon is well on his way to recovery from his surgery! He saw a vascular nurse at hospital just before Christmas who confirmed that the incision was healing nicely. We’re praising God for this since a month ago it was looking like Leon would have to have the surgery again.
The pregnancy is going well. I’m finding it more difficult to keep up with a busy toddler, but I’m managing. We are now about 9 weeks away from my due date, which is exciting! Despite all the aches and pains that pregnancy brings, we’re excited to meet this new little blessing!
Our church is going through a transition because our lead elder is retiring in a couple of weeks. There is a new leadership team emerging and a lot of transition at church. We are blessed to be able to support our new lead elder and his wife in their new roles. We have just finished praying and fasting as a church to hear from God and are eager for what will happen in these new days.

Prayer Points

  • God healed me (Leon) from my surgery! After the wound was infected it was looking really bleak. I saw the nurse before Christmas and she said everything was all healed!
  • We now have greater clarity for going forward with the Office 365 project.
  • Pray for us and our church as we go through this period of transition.
  • We are getting ever close to Chrysti's due date!
  • Praise God for some unexpected financial gifts at the end of 2013 which made up some shortcomings. Be praying with us for God to continue this in 2014.

According to Asher

This tent is one of my new favourite things to play with!

Leon's Work

We renewed our contract with ESET our anti-virus vendor. To keep track of our license count I implemented a central management server. This allows us to remotely upgrade the antivirus software on Windows machines.

Since September our hosted email service has had sporadic outages. Early this month I discovered our vendor was doing a poor job of installing security updates and really cracked down on them for this and our outages. It took about 2 weeks, but our problems are now resolved.

Before Christmas I was working with one of our web developers to convert our current Joomla suite to a WordPress plugin. We made some good progress towards making this a reality, but since Christmas have not done any more work. Be praying for a full-time OM Webmaster to take on this critical role.

If you follow our updates you will have heard about Office 365. We're moving out of the pilot phase and into the implementation phase in the next couple of weeks. Our objective is to get all our email routing through Office 365 by the end of March.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti, Asher & "Little Bean"
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