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Dear Friend,

We can hardly believe that autumn is now upon us. Cooler, more damp weather has come and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change. We had a busy few weeks leading up to our 3 weeks away in Turkey (2 weeks of an intense course for Leon and 1 week of holiday). Now that we are back things have not let up so the time away was timely and restful.

Lots of changes in our lives so please read on...

In our September update: 

Trip to Turkey

With Leon attending the Leadership Matters Course (LMC) in Turkey for 2 weeks, we decided to take a week of holiday beforehand as a family while we were there, too! It was nice to have some time to relax by the pool or beach. We even got to visit the ancient site of Ephesus which was unexpected!
I (Chrysti) enjoyed being able to stay around for the LMC after our holiday. Even though I couldn’t attend the course, I still got to hear about it from Leon and other attendees during the mealtime conversations. One blessing while we were there was that we met a couple that are believers! It was nice to have a friend during some of those long days when Leon was attending the course. Asher enjoyed playing with their daughter (who was a little younger than Asher.)

Leon's Work

I was very busy tying up loose ends before we left for Turkey and almost was not able to leave things in a working state for my Office 365 pilot project, but with 30 minutes before I left the office to start our travels, I got things working! That made it much easier mentally while I was away. Still, while I was away we had a major email outage lasting a few hours which did distract me from the course and break.

The LMC was excellent. I know I will be able to use the information from the course in many aspects of my life. It was a very intense course starting directly after breakfast, and I was not finishing until 10 or 11 at night because of homework in the evenings. There were 9 different mission agencies represented at the course with 35 participants coming from 20 different countries. It was a very enriching time and I highly recommend the course.

I dove into things again this week. My first day back in the office I was in 5 different meetings and had a lot of technical issues to resolve. My major task is getting Office 365 running as a pilot for OM and I am slowly working through a major roadblock. One praise is that we have been approved by Microsoft for their E1 program which brings tremendous benefit for OM.

Next week our International IT Committee meets here in Carlisle and I am part of that committee. I'm hoping for some good decisions on various technical topics.

According to Asher

I had a fun time visiting Turkey. I liked playing in the pool, going to the beach and playing with my new friend Stella. All the Turkish people loved to stop and talk to me, but I didn’t understand what they were saying. Mummy says that’s because they speak a different language than us.

Life in Carlisle

We had a great time at our church weekend away in August! We were blessed by the worship, teaching and fellowship we experienced. It was Asher's first camping experience and he really enjoyed it.
Leon and I are pleased to announce that we’re expecting another little Hedding in March! We’re praising God for this new life! At the same time I’m a little nervous about this pregnancy after having a miscarriage earlier this year. So far things seem to be going well. I’ve had 2 ultrasounds that show a healthy baby and am now feeling baby kicks on nearly a daily basis!

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for a good and safe trip to Turkey. We're thankful for the relaxing time away and for the LMC that Leon has found very beneficial.
  • Pray that this pregnancy continues to go well for Chrysti. She has been experiencing some back and pelvic pain from the pregnancy and may need physical therapy if it doesn't get better. Please pray for healing!
  • Pray that the International IT Committee meetings go well next week (14-18 October).
  • Leon is still waiting for a date for surgery to have his cyst removed. It could be at least a 2 month wait. Pray that he can get a date for surgery quickly.
  • Continue to pray for the complications surrounding Leon's Office 365 project.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti & Asher
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