It's hard to believe we're into November already. Please continue reading to find out what we got up to last month!
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Dear Friend,

It's hard to believe that we're into November already. The days have flown by. This autumn has brought a lot of new experiences for Asher. I have taken him on nature walks. He loved helping Leon rake leaves (or spreading the leaves around) in the back garden. Everything is still new for him, and he's teaching us to see things with new eyes.

In our October Update:

We're Home Owners!

It finally happened! We officially became home owners at the beginning of November. We're enjoying having a little more freedom to make the house "ours" now. We feel like it's a rite of passage into adulthood more than getting married or having children!

We are excited to see how we can use our home in ministry to our neighbours and friends.

IT Meetings in Belgium

The meetings in Belgium were really good. We covered a lot of strategic IT topics in a short amount of time. The part I enjoyed most was the social interaction in the evenings as we tried to solve the world's IT problems (or at least OM's problems.) I find these meetings are a great time to validate my understanding or where I think OM should strategically be going for our IT systems.

New Server & Other Techie Stuff

We have downsized our office space from 2 buildings into 1 building. We no longer have the space to house as many servers in Carlisle. So we are biting the bullet and moving all of the international IT servers into an external data centre. The office move also means researching getting a new fibre internet connection (at drastically reduced prices from our old contract.)

The new data centre took 2 weeks to get all the contracts signed. I now have a few weeks to move several terabytes of server data to the new data centre. It will be a busy time leading up to Christmas.

Church Ministry

The great commission calls us to make disciples. Our small group at church is definitely discipling each other. Our discussions in the group about Godly marriages and conflict resolutions are God ordained as this is what many in the group (us included) need in our lives. We are sharing in the excitement of one of the men in our group who just got engaged!

I (Chrysti) am joining the worship team again after stepping down a couple months before Eva Joy was born. This is something I really enjoy and hope to grow in.

Visit from Chrysti's Parents

While Leon was away in Belgium my parents came to visit! Asher and Eva Joy loved having them here. It was the first time my Dad visited since Asher was born over 2 years ago. It was nice for him to see Asher and meet Eva Joy for the first time. Asher enjoyed their visit so much that he called 2 of his favourite stuffed animals "Grandma" and "Grandpa" for several weeks after they left!

Weekend Away in Stirling

We're learning one disadvantage of living far away from family is that we don't have family to help care for our children so we can spend time together as a couple. While Chrysti's parents were here, we spent 2 nights away in Stirling, Scotland after Leon got back from Belgium. It was just long enough to actually get some rest! We had a lovely time, and the time went too fast! It was the first time we'd been away overnight since Eva Joy was born.

Prayer Points

  • Continue to pray for healing for Chrysti's hips. They're doing much better, and I'll probably be discharged from physiotherapy in the coming weeks!
  • Praise God our house purchase finally went through.
  • Pray we'll be able to use our house effectively in our ministry.
  • Pray that Leon will have a successful server migration to OM's new data centre.
God Bless,

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