"The mail must go through" and so must OM's finances every month. Sometimes it takes some extra work to get it moving.
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The Funds Must Go Through

April 2015
Dear Friend,

"The mail must go through, no matter if it rains or snows, the mail must go through." This song from Chrysti's childhood reminds us of what it's like in order to get OM's finances to the right places every month–it must go through so God's work can be done.

The accountants across OM generate a financial report by the 10th of every month. These reports get emailed out across OM to facilitate money transfers. Without these reports, money transfers across OM would stop (or be very messy to audit.) The funds that every OM worker raises to support their ministry would not transfer between countries without these reports. Projects would grind to a halt without funding. These are very critical reports.

Wednesday, 4 March, the emailing of these reports stopped working, and we didn't know why. For a dozen years the emailing functionality for these reports has been a thorn in the flesh. It required a knowledgeable worker to configure Microsoft Outlook properly. Outlook would generated a security authorisation message requiring the user to click "Yes" on a prompt. When you are dealing with hundreds of emails, this is very time consuming. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it worked. Now, it was all broken.

I assumed that we would fix the problem in a few hours with little effort. Three of us in the IT department, spent several days tackling the problem. We were getting nowhere and the deadline for these reports was quickly approaching. Friday afternoon we started to look into contingency plans for getting these reports out. The situation didn't look pretty. Then at 4:30 I asked our lead programmer, “Why haven't we ever used 'Outlook Automation' to send these emails?” 30 lines of code and a half hour later we had a solution that worked!

Monday, 9 March, we rolled out the patch. The next day all the reports went out without a problem. We have since improved things even more. We found a way to remove the security warnings for each email and our workers can now more easily configure Outlook. This new solution not only works, but also solves all the headaches we have had for over a decade!

February & March Highlights

  • I (Leon) have been consulting with our large training base in the UK to redesign their IT infrastructure.
  • We had the privilege of attending the marriage blessing of some good friends.
  • Asher celebrated his 3rd birthday, and Eva Joy celebrated her 1st birthday. We have no idea where the time has gone.
  • Chrysti's mom visited for a week in between Asher and Eva Joy's birthdays.

Counting Down to Home Assignment

We're going to be in the US from May until mid-July. We want to meet with as many of you as possible. Please contact us if you have specific dates which work best for you.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for us as we finish up plans for our trip to the US. Please pray that we can get in contact with all the necessary people.
  • We have a good thing going in our small group at church. It is with mixed emotions that we are leaving for a time. It will be great to see family and friends in the US. We can better appreciate the prayers that Paul made for the churches he discipled. Be praying for the group to continue to grow while we are away.
  • Our good friend, Jim, is in the last stages of cancer. Please be praying for him, wife and 2 daughters as he finishes strong in serving God.
  • We're thankful we could celebrate with our friends as they begin their marriage.
  • Praise God we found a solution for the email financial reports problem.
God Bless,

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