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Dear Friend,

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you’ve had a blessed Thanksgiving and a good start to your holiday season. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. I (Chrysti) have discovered the value in giving thanks every day in all circumstances. The last couple of weeks have been a challenge for us as a family (why this update is sent in December instead of November), and being able to “give thanks in all circumstances” has helped me to focus on God’s hand in our lives.

In our November update: 

Life at Home

After Leon attended some International IT meetings, we had our first weekend away for just the two of us since Asher was born. We had a friend from church that was able to babysit, and we headed off to Edinburgh! Although I missed Asher it was lovely to spend a night away with just Leon.

With last week being Thanksgiving, we had a lot of festivities! On Thursday, we hosted a Thanksgiving meal with our home group and another home group from our church. It was a lot of fun sharing some of the traditions of Thanksgiving. Everyone seemed to enjoy the “American” foods and sharing what they are thankful for. We also got to celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of Americans from OM.

3 weeks ago I (Leon) had surgery to remove a cyst from a very inconvenient spot. This had me lying on my tummy for a couple of weeks while I recovered. Unfortunately the incision got infected and although I am now recovering, the surgery does not appear to have been effective. I am now awaiting word from the surgeon for a way forward. The first part after the surgery was difficult for us as a family with Chrysti's pregnancy leaving her tired and achy and then needing to do so much more around house while I recuperated.

Leon's Work

Right after our last email update, OM had their International IT Committee meetings in Carlisle. I enjoyed attending the meetings and feel that we are making some changes on how we provide IT services for OM. We are definitely positioning ourselves more towards cloud based solutions which will allow us to refocus our strategies to more than just keep the systems running

Much of my work is geared towards doing the technical research for Office 365. After several weeks of not getting any of our technical questions resolved I have made some tremendous breakthroughs. I believe God had a part in that. I am excited to see how we can use solutions like this to be more effective in making disciples of the nations.

Another cloud based solution we are investigating is how to support and enable the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept within OM. It has become an ever increasing problem and blessing. A number of vendors have fallen to the wayside in our investigation. No solution is yet very promising, and we continue to investigate.

I am very excited to have helped our UK national office last month upgrade their systems to the latest Windows server version that includes OM's authentication solution (Active Directory) This now enables them to do a complete overhaul of many of their existing systems which have not changed much for a decade.

Prayer Points

  • I recently had with getting technical support from Microsoft for my Office 365 project (which was consuming much of my time). My father was able to put me in touch with a MS employee working with him and the problems have gone away. I thank God for this.
  •  A clear way forward in Leon's Office 365 project.
  • We had two lovely Thanksgiving meals with friends in the UK. We feel blessed.
  • My (Chrysti's) aches and pains from the pregnancy are becoming manageable even when I had to do more work to take care of Leon after the surgery. Praise God!
  • That Chrysti's pregnancy continues to go well.
  • Complete and proper healing from the surgery I (Leon) had. Pray for a good follow-up appointment and God's will to be done in my recovery.

According to Asher

Mummy says I have new words every week. I still use baby sign language for a lot of words, but I can say a lot of new ones, too! When Mummy and Daddy got the Christmas tree out last weekend, I learned the word “bauble” (American English = Christmas ball) and say "Bible," too.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti, Asher & "Little Bean"
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