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Dear Friend,

We started to write this update back in March, the day before Eva Joy was born, and never got it finished...

Here we are almost at the end of April and finishing the update. We feel like we're starting to come out of the "new baby fog." Chrysti's mum returned to the US last week, and we're beginning to find a new normal with Eva Joy in our lives.

In our March & April update: 

Baby, Pancakes & a New Car

As you can imagine, our lives have been full of all things Eva Joy for the past few weeks. We're enjoying having her in our lives, even with the challenges that having a newborn brings. Recovering from having a baby has been a lot faster this time, and I (Chrysti) am finding it easier to adjust to our new normal.

At the beginning of March, we celebrated Pancake Day with our home group. Pancake Day is celebrated on the day before Ash Wednesday. We had our home group around for some American-style pancakes and crepes.

We now own a car! After many years without a car we decided that with having 4 Heddings in the family, a car would be very useful for getting places that much easier. We enjoy getting home from church in time for Asher's afternoon nap.

Our church almost seems like a new church with the new leadership team. They decided to revamp the church website, and I (Leon) have been working to get a new site setup with WordPress. Things are shaping up well.

Prayer Points

  • We've been struggling to get Eva Joy to gain weight because of Chrysti's milk supply, and we're now feeding with formula. Please pray she'll start gaining weight!
  • Pray for the churches in Carlisle as they come together to serve the community next weekend (2-5 May) during the Hope on the Streets event.
  • Pray for us as we continue to adjust to being a family of four.
  • At church we are looking for a new venue to meet on Sundays. Please be praying with us for the right place.
  • Pray that all the details for the email migration will come together and the move will go smoothly and on schedule.

Asher's Two!

I'm two years old now! Our friend Miss Helen came to celebrate my birthday with me. We had birthday cake and pizza, and Mummy, Daddy and Miss Helen sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

I like being a big brother. I can help Mummy burp Baby Eva Joy. She sleeps a lot and cries a lot, but I still love her. I can't wait to play with her when she gets bigger!

Office 365 Migration

These past few weeks have been jam-packed at work with me working lots of overtime. I was heavily involved with the migration of OM's spam filtering solution from one vendor to another. I also setup a new virtual server platform in Germany and a new Exchange 2010 migration server at our email hosting vendor in the US.

All this work I mention above took a lot of time to complete but is part of the ongoing project to move OM's email services from our current vendor to Microsoft Office 365.

The end goal is to get all of OM's email migrated to O365 by August. We have 3 terabytes of data and 4200 mailboxes to move. This will require many people to reconfigure email on their various devices and email clients. We have to get it right otherwise many of our workers will be cut off from sending/receiving communications.

We have not been able to locate a tech partner to assist with our O365 migration that was within OM's budget. We felt that a partner would help us with avoiding many of the potential pitfalls that we might fall into but this was not meant to be. On the plus side, we can praise God that we are now blessed with a funding model for OM's Int. IT services for the first time ever.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti, Asher & Eva Joy
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