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Dear Friend,

We hope you're enjoying your summer so far. I love how relaxed summer can seem. We can so easily fill up the time with so many busy things!

We have been enjoying playing in our back garden and going for walks to the playground. This week we're on holiday! As Asher would say, "Hooray! We goin' on holi-yay!"

In our June update: 

4th of July Party

On US Independence Day, we had our annual party at our house! We try to gather as many expats and friends together to celebrate. It becomes an ironic and strange American-British cultural experience.

It was wet and raining, but we made the best of it even though numbers were down. We had a few friends from church and OM come around for a barbecue and hung out inside while Leon barbecued in the rain.The best thing about rainy barbecues are the memories that are made!

Office 365 Update

The email migration is going well, but I have been very stressed and physically spent from the work. I do see rewards when I hear how well the migration is going for most people around OM. I am pleased that we are in the home stretch for the migration having migrated 77% of OM mailboxes to Office 365. This past week alone I migrated over a 1100 mailboxes! I look forward to having this project completed soon.

Come August we want to begin facilitating the roll out of the other parts of Office 365 that will bring a lot of value to our ministry. We have not had the capacity to do that yet.

The Office 365 presentation at the ICCM went really well. I understand that we had a full room at the conference listening, as well as a few people participated over the Internet. It was a real blessing for me to help other mission agencies with what we in OM have learned about Office 365.

House Hunting

Last month, we shared about how we're looking for a house to purchase to put our roots deeper in Carlisle. Lord willing, our house hunt has come to an end! We have negotiated a price with our landlord to purchase the house we have been renting! Hopefully in our next update we can say we're home owners! 

Church Life

Our church began meeting in a new venue! Hooray! We're praising God for this provision, since it will be less expensive than our former venue. We as a church are praying that God will use this venue to reach Carlisle and reach new people in this new location.

We finally went live with our new church website this month! Leon is pleased to finally have something new up and running even if the content still needs work. The new site gives us the ability to easily keep the content up to date.

Photography Class

Other than filling my (Chrysti's) days with caring for my family, I'm taking a photography class online. It's been a lot fun learning how to use my new camera and take better photos of my family. The class is geared toward busy mothers, which is a plus! I've also had the opportunity to connect with other women through this class. If you'd like to see some of my work for the class, click here.

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for how well the email migration is going for our workers in OM
  • Praise God for making a way to purchase house we currently rent
  • A relaxing and refreshing holiday
  • Everything goes smoothly with the house purchase (e.g. no surprises)
  • Chrysti has some hip pain and other postnatal related ailments. Please pray for complete healing for her body.

According to Asher

I like playing outside and running in the hose pipe. I also help Daddy mow the grass every day. We watched football (soccer) on Daddy's computer most every morning during the World Cup! Eva Joy likes it when I have tummy time with her.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti, Asher & Eva Joy
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