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Dear Friend,

May always seems like it's the start of the summer season here in the UK. We've definitely had nicer weather this month, allowing us to spend some much-desired time in our back garden. Asher has enjoyed getting to run around a lot, and we've enjoyed having friends around to barbecue and hang out.

In our May update: 

Barbecue season is here!

Nice weather in Carlisle has brought barbecuing season with it. We are intentionally trying to build community within our Life Group, so with the good weather had them around for a barbecue a couple of weeks ago. We also had some staining to do so Leon recruited some help from our life group. It was lovely to have everyone gather for a burger or sausage and get things stained!

Our church met in a different venue for 2 Sundays this month. Leadership are trying to find a new place to meet to save some money. Pray that we can find a place that will meet the needs of our church and be affordable.

Office 365 Update

Our trial run of moving the local office's email for 80 users went well. We worked on understanding what would break, getting documentation corrected/more user friendly and worked to streamline the process.

Now, we are now ramping up moves for other OM fields. The middle of June sees me moving 320 mailboxes in western and central Asia. In the meantime we are moving smaller chunks of users, but still have many thousands of mailboxes to move by the end of August.

The German field is still struggling to get Outlook to work with O365. After a couple of weeks troubleshooting on a German language computer I think I might be onto something, but still need to get this resolved.

I am going to remotely present OM's O365 experience at the International Conference on Computing in Missions (ICCM) a week from Tuesday via a video webcast (using Lync.) I am looking forward to teach other missions the lessons that we in OM have learned from our experience with O365. 

Otherwise my next few months are going to be full migrating thousands of mailboxes to Office 365 and handling support emails that are raised during this migration.

Another Visitor

Leon's mum came for a visit the past couple weeks. We enjoyed sharing our life in Carlisle with her, and Asher enjoyed having Grandma play with him. It was the longest time she had ever visited so I think she got a good idea of what our life is like in the UK.

I (Leon) miss having her around. In the mornings Asher still says, "Grandma getting up?" To which we have to remind him that she has gone back home.

House Hunting

It sounds so grown up to be contemplating a house purchase. More so than getting married or having kids. Now that the dust is settling from the new International Leadership changeover and after much prayer and thought we have decided to sink our roots even deeper here in the UK by purchasing a house.

After a disappointing mortgage decline we now have a couple of places willing to lend us money to make this concept of home ownership a reality. The market is good for buying right now, but turning so we don't want to wait too long. It is a very interesting experience to begin learning how the English real estate system works. It is a big transition for us, so please pray with us through this.

One specific praise and prayer request is that our current landlord is willing to sell us the house we currently rent. Pray for wisdom and a good price.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that moving email to Office 365 will continue to go smoothly. Praise God that I (Leon) have been able to move a number of mailboxes already.
  • Pray that the joint O365 presentation for the ICCM will go well. Since it is remote, pray that technology will behave so it will be an effective presentation.
  • Please pray for us as we search for a house to purchase. Praise God our landlord is willing to sell the house to us if we can afford it.
  • The church website project has stalled. Pray for it to get unstuck.
  • Praise God for the extra support we received last month. It was a very timely gift after losing some supporters earlier this year.
  • We're thanking God for the community that is starting to grow in our life group. Please pray that it will continue to grow.
God Bless,

Leon, Chrysti, Asher & Eva Joy
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