We have the opportunity to experience culture shock through our children’s eyes.
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Through Their Eyes

December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friend,
It was Tuesday evening, the day we arrived in the US. All of us felt exhausted after beginning our day at 4 a.m. in England. We arrived at our accommodation in Normal, IL and Leon wanted to unpack at least some of our luggage before we went to bed. It looked like our luggage exploded on the living room floor.

We set Asher and Eva Joy to the task of getting ready for bed. They needed a little more guidance than usual due to jet lag, but they managed to find their pyjamas and toothbrushes. Asher was about to go to bed when he said, “Daddy, I don’t know how to turn the light switch off. How do I turn it off?” Yes, Asher probably could have figured out how to operate the light switch were it not for the jet lag, but it was a subtle difference between the US and UK that Leon and I take for granted having grown up in the US.

There have been many other times during our  5 weeks in the US where we had the opportunity to experience culture shock through our children’s eyes. One Sunday at church, Asher asked for a drink of water so Leon directed him toward a drinking fountain in the church foyer. He didn’t know how to use it (he later asked for a cup to drink from).
Overwhelmed by all the choices in an American supermarket!
Grateful to connect with dear friends
Eva Joy and her cousin, Bethany
Look at this gift under Grandma Berni's Christmas tree!
New friends enjoy reading together

Our time here is very full.

We’ve enjoyed catching up with friends in Kentucky, Bloomington-Normal and the Chicago area. We travel long distances to make connections and meet friends old and new. We spent Thanksgiving with Chrysti’s family. We’ve fought off colds. To see as many people as possible, we held two open houses: one in Northern Kentucky and one in Normal, Illinois. Both had positive outcomes.

Life on home assignment isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Our schedule is filling up with more meetings. (If you haven’t yet seen us and would like to, do get in touch!) Here is a look at our itinerary for the next 5 weeks.
Dec-January Itinerary

Financial Need

Being on home assignment, we have the opportunity to share about the financial need for our ministry. We need about $1,200 a month more than we currently have. It’s a big number, but that doesn’t mean that God can’t meet that need. With the end of the year soon approaching, please consider making an end of the year gift to our ministry. Your gift will be tax-deductible. Click the image below for more details.
End of the Year giving
  • Please pray for good health. Currently, we're recovering from colds and bacterial conjunctivitis.
  • Pray the Lord will bless us with new supporters to partner with us in our ministry.
  • The older two children are struggling with being away from home with constant change. Please pray for them as we finish up our time in the US.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Leon, Chrysti, Asher, Eva Joy & Ellis xxxxx
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