Let the 2012 season begin!

From the President, 

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Jamie Sullivan for his efforts and commitment to growing HEAT, serving as president for the past two years. Like I said at the Christmas party, if you have not yet had a chance to meet and speak with Jamie, please make an effort to do so. He is not only committed to making HEAT a better club, he also is very active in his town and church, striving to make our community a better place. Thank you for everything Jamie. 
Following in the footsteps of our two past presidents, Dean Bolt and Jamie Sullivan, will be no small task. Dean and Jamie, along with other former and current board members, have grown HEAT to a level that has made us the largest triathlon club in the state. As stated in the November newsletter and in an effort of continuous improvement, the leadership board has decided on having a role of Vice President, which is filled by Aubrey Schulz. We believe that this Vice President position is the precursor to the president’s role, and therefore this position will hold a total of four years in a leadership role. Having this vice president role allows for greater flexibility when it comes to representing HEAT at local events, organizing our own events and workouts, and communication in general. I look forward to working closely with Aubrey to make your experience with HEAT the best it can be. 
This year it is my hope to better publicize our events and also add a social aspect to the club. It’s one thing to have group workouts (which we do very well in my opinion via the website forum) and yet another to catch up with each other in a social setting. We had a very successful happy hour on Friday, January 6th. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed talking triathlon! 
In closing, I’d like to once again thank the past presidents and our leadership board for this opportunity. I very much look forward to working with Aubrey and the rest of the board to make the most of your membership and to continue to build friendships and healthy living along the way!

- Tony Lombardi

HEAT Raffle Run at Fleet Feet

Where: Fleet Feet, 1003 Farmington Ave, West Hartford
When: Saturday, February 11th at 8:15 AM
Distance: 40 minute run around a 1/2 mile course
Entry Fee: Food item to donate to the raffle
Register Here

On Saturday February 11th, join us at Fleet Feet in West Hartford for our Raffle Run. The run starts at 8:15 AM. We will run for 40 minutes around a 1/2 mile block. Each time you pass the start/finish line you recieve a raffle ticket. The more laps you run, the more raffle tickets you earn. After 40 minutes, we'll move into the store and raffle off the prizes. Your entry fee is a tasty food item. Stumped at what to bring? How about a box of clementines, chocolate, Hammer Gel, kale or trail mix? What will you go home with? Don't worry if you get stuck with the bunch of kale I bring, I'll pass along a few recipes.
After we raffle off the goodies, stick around because Fleet Feet is offering a 10% discount to all HEAT members. 
To register click here

2011 Notables

At the HEAT holiday party, Jamie Sullivan handed out awards to selected HEAT members to recognize their acheivements during the year. Some were recognized for the volunteer efforts, others for the tenacity and others for making HEAT an awesome club to be a part of.
2011 Award Winners
Heart of Gold Award: Mike Tirrell
Heart of Gold Award: Mary Daley
Old Newby Award: Michael Freeman
Winter Inspirator Award: Dave Dyson
Braveheart Award: Aubrey Schulz
Perseverance Award: Michelle Lynch
International Old Stud Award: John Reik
Shaolin Master Award: Amy D’Anna 
Shaolin Master Award: Roger Thrall
Best Sponsor Award: Dave Arnold- Newington Bike
Beyond Newbie Award: Peter Canning
Stepping Up Award: Tony Lombardi

February HEAT
Happy Hour

Join us on Friday, February 10th at 6 PM at Murphy & Scarletti's in Farmington. Come hang out and connect with fellow HEAT members. Who knows, maybe you'll learn about a really cool race to add to your 2012 calendar. I added Pumpkinman in Maine to my calendar.  I was also pushing members to join the small group of us headed up to New Hampshire in July to race the Black Fly Tri

Survey Results

Thank you to the 98 of you who replied to the HEAT survey. Getting your feedback is helpful for learning what the members want. The largest age group represented was the 40-49 year olds. 60% of the respondents were male. We have some busy racers. 41% of the respondents race 4-7 triathlons a year. A surprising 41% have done an Ironman. Let's not forget that each one of those Ironmen started as beginners. Deep down, finishing a race, whether it is a sprint or an Ironman, is ranked as very important (86%). When asked to rank their swim, bike, run experience level, most categorized themselves as intermediates. 

We asked a few questions about club clothing. There is an interest in having other HEAT gear besides the uniform. Board member Roger Thrall is working with Champ Systems to coordinate an order of useful HEAT logoed training gear, like jackets, vests and bike jerseys. Read the article, Clothing Corner, in this newsletter, and stay tuned for more developments in the department. 

A few questions were asked about what are you looking for in a triathlon club and there was a strong interest in training camps (look for more details coming soon about the Lake Placid Training Camp in June), workshops, coaching (revived mentor program for beginning members being released in the near future) and discounts from sponsors (we are currently finalizing our 2012 sponsors and discounts). 

The number one reason most people join HEAT is the camaraderie. When asked what are looking for in a triathlon club- socialization with other members, 71% said Yes! Definitely! In fact, 73% are looking for training partners. Let's start using the forum and Facebook and invite others to join you for your workout. One of our goals this year, is to boost the socialization of the club. Happy hours, our NCC group training events and other events to come are centered around the fact that our members want to connect with like minded triathletes. 

One of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth. Most people learned about HEAT from their friends (37%). Keep spreading the good word. 

Profile of a Triathlete: Josie Graham

What is your occupation?
Stay at Home Mom (domestic engineer)
When and how did you get started doing triathlons?
I completed my first tri, in 2007, just a few months after deciding to become involved in the sport. I had been taking spin classes at the gym, and went to Newington Bike to get a pair of shoes to use with the clipless pedals on the spin bikes. They had brochures out for the Team Training New England group and I thought it looked interesting. I had been an swimmer for many years, and I figured that I could ride a bike and run, so I signed up! Of course, I didn't have a bike, and hadn't swam or run in years, but I got a bike, a pool membership and some running shoes and haven't looked back since!
Do you have a favorite race or races?
Locally, I really love the Litchfield Hills Triathlon course, particularly the bike segment. It has a nice mix of everything, some flats, lots of downhill sections, and of course the hills to climb on your way back, leaving your legs nice and fried by the time you get to T2.
What is your most memorable race?
My most memorable race was definitely the Redman Half Iron Distance race in Oklahoma City, OK in 2009. I had trained all summer for this race and flown all the way out there only to get to the sponsor bike shop and learn that my bike (which I had shipped) never arrived. It was "missorted" and wouldn't get there in time for the race! Long story short, I was set up on a rental bike (paid for by the shipping company) and made it to the race site in time for bike drop off. The day of the race, it was pouring rain and parts of the bike course were flooded There was talk of making it a swim-run-swim duathlon or canceling the race. Luckily the rain let up and the race went on as planned (with one mandatory bike dismount to run around a section of flooded road). I figured that nothing else could go wrong so I just raced my best and had a blast. I ended up beating my "reach" goal time and finished the race in 5:24:00. It just shows how staying positive can take you a long way, even when it seems that the deck is stacked against you.
How do you train? Do you have training partners?
Since I'm a stay at home mom of a 14 month old, most of my training is done either when I have a babysitter, or after my daughter is asleep. Luckily I have a great sitter 3 afternoons a week, which gives me time to swim and run, and other evenings I ride my bike on the trainer after I put my daughter to bed. And on the weekends when my husband is home, he's great about watching the baby while I get in a run or bike ride.
What are your current goals?
My current goals are to get back to where I was physically when I last raced in 2009. I spent the next summer pregnant with my daughter, and decided not to race last summer since she was still quite small. So, this year I'm coming back! Besides that, my main goal for this year is to race the Redman Half again. I am secretly hoping to beat my 2009 time and get a pr. Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore!
Do you have a philosophy of triathlons?
Run your own race. I tell this to myself multiple times during every race. I'm a far better swimmer and biker than I am a runner, so after T2, people start passing me at an alarming rate. Instinct says to chase them, but that would just cause me to blow up in spectacular fashion! So, I try to just run my own race and not to worry about what the other competitors are doing.
Any funny stories?
During my second race, at the Women's Triathlon at Winding Trails, I lost my shoe during the run. It had been raining that day and parts of the trail were muddy. I stepped in a big muddy spot and oops! there goes my shoe. For a moment I contemplated leaving the shoe and finishing with one bare foot, but I still had about a mile to go. So, I turned back, grabbed my shoe, put it back on and took off. I ended up getting 3rd in my age group even after the shoe debacle. After that, I always make sure my shoes are well tied and I try to avoid giant mud pits.
Name three things to bring to a deserted island.
My Iphone (I am currently addicted to playing Tetris on it), sunscreen (I burn, baby, burn like a disco inferno) and a bottle of bourbon (no explanation needed).
Hobbies? Interests?
Besides triathlon, spending time with my husband and daughter and horseback riding
Tell me about talent…
I once tried to ride my tri bike on the trainer when I was 8 months pregnant. I stacked pillows and folded up towels on the bars so i could sit nearly upright. It didn't work so well...

Don't be Shy or Modest

Want other members to know your name? I am looking for HEAT members to profile in the monthly segment of "Profile of a Triathlete". Send me an email ( expressing your interest. It is possible that your triathlon story and picture might be featured in an upcoming newsletter. At this point I am simply generating a list of names of people who are interested. I have a few names from people who took the survey, but I don't have email addresses associated with all of the "yeses". 

Clothing Corner

Greetings HEATsters, according to the survey, there was a lot of interest in getting in some new HEAT logo wear. The board listened and went to work.  For this year, we decided order through Champion Systems.  If you were at the holiday party, you saw the samples. We will have the following items available; fleece jacket (really more of a long sleeve jersey), winter riding jacket, winter vest, light weight vest, tri shorts, cycling shorts, bike jersey and running singlet.  WAIT, NO TRI JERSEY?  We decided that while we liked the above items, the tri jersey material was just too thick.  We are currently looking for another vendor.  
I encourage everyone to go and look at Champion System's website. If you see an item that you like, let us know. If we have enough interest, we might add it on to the order list.  Details on the order will be released in the next week so stay tuned to your e-mail, HEAT website and Facebook page.
Roger Thrall
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