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Smart, Safe & Sober Newsletter - Winter 2012
EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies if you receive this twice. This newsletter was scheduled to be sent out earlier this month, but I just recently discovered that the e-mail campaign service provider had trouble with their servers for several days in early January and some queued campaigns were affected and either not sent or only partially sent — so I'm sending it again!

NLEC Top Award Winners

2011 IACP Highway Safety Awards 

Virginia Beach and Wythe County Are "Best of the Best" in Traffic Safety Nationally

In the previous newsletter, we recognized the 2010 Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge Award winners who were honored at the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) Conference in September. In this newsletter, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate the Virginia agencies who won national traffic safety awards this year at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference.

First of all, we had eleven Virginia agencies win 2010 National Law Enforcement Challenge Awards for having some of the best, most comprehensive traffic safety programs in the country — six 1st place winners (Virginia Beach PD, Wythe Co SO, Augusta Co SO, Stafford Co SO, Fort Lee Police, and the VACP), four 2nd place winners (Harrisonburg PD, Henrico PD, New Kent Co SO, and Amherst Co SO), and one 3rd place winner (Arlington Co PD)!

Of these eleven winners, TWO were named the BEST IN THE COUNTRY (pictured above). The Virginia Beach Police Department was recognized as the 2010 Clayton J. Hall Memorial Award recipient for having the best overall best traffic safety program nationally, regardless of agency size or type; and the Wythe County Sheriff's Office was recognized by the IACP and the National Sheriffs' Association as being the Sheriff's Office with the Best Traffic Unit in the country, regardless of agency size. We at the VACP are so proud of our Virginia agencies for truly being leaders in traffic safety.  You are an example to your peers not only in Virginia, but across the nation!

Arlington County Police Officers Recognized for "Looking Beyond the License Plate"

The 2010 National Law Enforcement Challenge Awards were not the only traffic safety awards presented in October at the IACP Conference. Each year, officers from across the country are also recognized for efforts to deter vehicle theft and to enforce license plate laws.

Looking Beyond the License Plate AwardThis year, two officers from Arlington County were recognized for their keen observation of and attention to a vehicle that was traveling without a front license plate (illegal in Virginia), which led to the arrest and conviction of a major criminal. For their actions, Corporal Timothy L. Clifford & Officer Andrew J. Nucelli were honored with the 2011 Looking Beyond the License Plate Award, presented by the IACP's Highway Safety Committee in partnership with 3M. Here is their story:

Early on February 27, 2010, two young women were confronted by an unknown male who forced them at gunpoint into the house they were about to enter, restrained them, and forced one of them to leave with him. The other woman was able to call 9-1-1. Four hours later, the abducted woman, suffering serious injuries, was located in Prince William County, Virginia.

Between February 4 and 6, 2010, Corporal Clifford and Officer Nucelli – independent of one another – had each observed a vehicle without the front license plate required in Virginia prowling their beat at different times. Corporal Clifford had “run” the vehicle’s registration and also had observed its driver. Later, Officer Nucelli recognized that the vehicle matched the one described in connection with the aforementioned abduction. He and Corporal Clifford immediately notified other officers, which resulted in 21-year-old Jorge A. Torrez being arrested within twelve hours of the abduction and just prior to his cleaning the vehicle and intending to dispose of crucial evidence in it.

The officers’ keen observations of the absence of a front license plate on a vehicle whose suspicious presence had piqued their interest, coupled with their sharing that information with other officers, resulted in the prompt arrest of Torrez; in the recovery of critical evidence; and in his conviction in Arlington County on 14 charges. The jury recommended five life sentences plus 168 years and a $190,000.00 fine. Torrez also was convicted of an earlier attack in Arlington County, has additional charges pending in Prince William County in conjunction with the aforementioned February 27, 2010 abduction, and is under investigation for a double homicide in Illinois.

Congratulations again to all of the award recipients! You represent Virginia well!

2011 Va. LE Challenge Workshops

We talk a lot about the Law Enforcement Challenge program in this newsletter, and for good reason! It's a program that recognizes the year-round efforts of Virginia law enforcement agencies in the areas of occupant protection, impaired driving, and speed — the three main target areas of highway safety initiatives. If your agency is receiving grant money from the Highway Safety Office to support your traffic enforcement efforts, then you are already participating in the very activities that the Law Enforcement Challenge recognizes: Click It or Ticket, Checkpoint Strikeforce, Border to Border, speed enforcement, child passenger safety, etc. So why not get recognized for your efforts?

Coming up in February, six FREE workshops are being held to guide you through the process of entering in the Law Enforcement Challenge. Your agency is likely already doing a lot of the documentation of your traffic safety efforts for your Highway Safety grant reports and applications. These workshops will show you how to take that information and put it together in a comprehensive report that can be submitted for both statewide and national recognition of your officers' hard work to save lives in your communities. You are judged only against other agencies that are of similar size and type to your own, so why not give it a shot?  Worst case scenario is you end up with an analysis of your efforts that you can use to guide your future traffic safety efforts. Many agencies have even used their LE Challenge entry to show their local governing bodies about the importance of traffic safety enforcement.

The upcoming workshops are focused on the 2011 Challenge program, which means that the Challenge awards presented in 2012 are for efforts during calendar year 2011. If your agency was active in traffic safety efforts in 2011, please consider attending a workshop and entering the 2011 Challenge in April.  And if your agency wasn't doing that much in traffic safety in 2011, but you have stepped up in 2012, then you may still consider coming to a workshop so you know what to do in 2012 to enter in 2013!

The workshops are FREE — sign up for one today!

February 2 • Stafford — REGISTER
February 6 • Wytheville — REGISTER
February 7 • Lynchburg — REGISTER
February 8 • Weyers Cave — REGISTER
February 9 • Chesterfield — REGISTER
February 10 • Newport News — REGISTER

ALL workshops are from 9 AM - 12 Noon.

Important Documents for DMV Highway Safety Grantees in the Coming Year

Please update your local files with the updated versions linked here:

State Travel Regulations

State Travel Voucher (Excel spreadsheet)
Reimbursement Voucher (PDF), to be mailed to Grants Management Office w/ all supporting documentation
Salary Reimbursement Reporting Form (PDF)
Progress Report (PDF)
Time and Activity Log (PDF)

Important Dates to Remember
1/31/12: 1st Quarter (Oct-Dec) Reports Due
3/15/12: FY 2013 Grant Apps Due
4/30/12: 2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar) Reports Due
7/31/12: 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun) Reports Due
11/5/12: 4th Quarter (Jul-Sept)/FINAL Reports Due

Super Bowl Impaired Driving Campaign

Super Bowl Impaired Driving Prevention Campaign

Jan 2 – Feb 6, 2012

NHTSA has put together some marketing campaign materials for the month leading up to the Super Bowl.

Click here for web site banner ads, posters, media templates, and social media messaging.

St. Patrick's Day Impaired Driving Enforcement Campaign

Mar 12 – 18, 2012

NHTSA has prepared materials for both an enforcement and a social norming campaigns for the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

Click here for "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" enforcement messaging materials.

Click here for "Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving" social norming messaging materials.

Upcoming Trainings & Conferences

Using Report Beam: Electronic Submission of Crash Reports to TREDS
 Jan 20 • Ashburn
Jan 23 • Fredericksburg
Jan 26 • Newport News

** Trainings are being scheduled in Feburary and March of 2012 for Southwest Virginia. Dates and locations will be communicated soon.

See the Smart, Safe & Sober web site for more info.

Fundamentals of Crash Investigation
Feb 20 – 24 • Henrico
Mar 12 – 16 • Salem
Apr 23 – 27 • Fredericksburg

This 80-hour hybrid course imparts the knowledge and skills required for detailed crash investigation and combines classroom lectures with practical field exercises. Students will complete 40 hours of online instruction before attending the 40 hours of classroom instruction. Course Fee: $85.

Advanced DUI Training for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement
Feb 22-24 • Williamsburg
Aug 22-24 • Location TBD (western VA)

Topics to be covered at this in-depth training include Investigative Stops, Checkpoints, Blood Testing Issues and DUI Manslaughter. This training program utilizes a team-training format requiring a team consisting of a prosecutor and a law enforcement officer from the same jurisdiction.

There is no charge for this 3-day long training program.

DUID Training Program
Mar 29 • Chesapeake
May 17 • Abingdon
June 15 • Manassas
July 6 • Lynchburg
Sept 19 • Richmond

This training focuses on the difficult cases involving driver impairment due to the use of illegal and/or prescription drugs. There is no charge for this single day training program.

Advanced Crash Investigation
Apr 2 – 6 • Richmond
June 4 – 8 • Ashburn
June 18 – 22 • Radford

The 80-hour hybrid course will focus on motor vehicle crash reconstruction topics such as theory and derivation of reconstruction equations, flip and vault speed calculations, fall speed calculations, time, distance and acceleration analysis, and in-line conservation of linear momentum analysis. Prerequisite for enrollment is successful completion of a basic 80 hour crash investigation course. Students will complete 40 hours of online instruction prior to attending the 40 hour classroom session. The course fee is $40.

Advanced Crash Reconstruction
May 7 – 11 • Henrico
July 9 – 13 • Salem
Aug 13 – 17 • Fredericksburg

The 80-hour hybrid course will focus on motor vehicle crash reconstruction topics such as theory and derivation of reconstruction equations, 360 conservation of linear momentum analysis, and an introduction to topics such as bicycle/pedestrian and large truck crash investigation. Prerequisite for enrollment is successful completion of a basic 80 hour crash investigation course and an advanced course. Students will complete 40 hours of online instruction prior to attending the 40 hour classroom session. The course fee is $50.

Motorcycle Crash Investigation
May 21– 25 • Chesterfield
July 30 – Aug 3 • Radford
Sept 17 – 21 • Ashburn

The course will focus on motorcycle crash reconstruction topics such as crash causation, State and Federal regulations, handling and stability issues unique to motorcycles, airborne and minimum speed from skid calculations, and time, distance and acceleration analysis. Prerequisite for enrollment is successful completion of a basic 80 hour crash investigation course. There is no fee for the course.

REMINDER: Officer Belt Use Campaign

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) is aiming to increase officer belt usage with a simple message – "Wear this, Not this" – over an image of an officer wearing a seat belt against an image of a shrouded badge, the universal symbol marking the death of an officer in the line of duty. The VACP's hope is that this stark image will make an impression on officers and get them to think about the risks they're taking by not buckling up.

Several agencies have already had CUSTOMIZED POSTERS created featuring their own officers, and the VACP is happy to accommodate this interest. If you'd like to have a poster made up for your agency featuring your own officers, please contact Erin Schrad at the VACP – or (804) 285-8227.  If you are simply interested in having some posters to display in your agency (regardless of agency represented in the poster), also contact Erin Schrad for more information.

Grottoes Police

Grottes PD Takes the "Click It or Ticket" Message to the Streets... Literally!

The Grottoes Police Department partnered with their elementary school and held a “paint the plow” contest. The kids who came up with the best seat belt art work got recognized and got to paint it on the town’s snow plows. The plows were in the annual holiday parade and will be seen when they are out working. Let’s hope there are no blizzards, but enough snow that they are seen!

Click here for photos

Help LE Agencies Trade-Up to Newer Traffic Enforcement Equipment at Little or No Cost

Recently, a couple of companies have announced equipment trade-in programs that allow agencies to capitalize on some of the old, out-of-date, out-of-commission equipment that is just cluttering up shelves. Believe it or not, this old equipment is actually worth something and can be your ticket towards getting new, working equipment into the hands of your officers!
Read more on how you can turn those old radar units and breathalyzers into new equipment to help you in your traffic safety efforts! 

(Please Note: This information is provided to you as a courtesy and is in NO WAY an endorsement of these companies by the Smart, Safe & Sober Partnership.)
2012 SSS Calendar

2012 Smart, Safe & Sober Calendars Available

The 2012 Smart, Safe & Sober calendars were mailed out in December to approximately 1,600 law enforcement officers and traffic safety advocates. The calendars include all of the highway safety campaigns held througout the year as well as a number of state and national conferences, trainings, and other events.

If you didn't receive a calendar and would like one, please contact Erin Schrad at the VACP — — or your DMV Grant Manager. It's also available here as a PDF.

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