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Highway Safety Committee Meeting

Highway Safety Committee Meets in Richmond 

New traffic laws, officer safety programs hot topics

The committee, co-chaired by New Kent County Sheriff Wakie Howard and Warsaw Police Chief Chris Spare, reviewed a variety of traffic safety and enforcement issues of concern for Virginia law enforcement agencies at its April 3rd meeting in Richmond. Topics discussed were:

  • Traffic Fines Diversion Issue
  • Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge Program
  • Officer Buckle Up Campaign and Seat Belt Policies
  • Officer Safety Program and Officer Involved Crashes
  • 2012 General Assembly Legislative Update
  • Campus Police/Security Agencies-New Program Opportunities/Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Virginia Medical Alert Program
  • Virginia Strategic Highway Safety Plan
  • Smart, Safe & Sober Calendar
  • TREDS Data Sharing

Click here to read the committee report

2011 Va. Law Enforcement Challenge Deadline EXTENDED!!!

Rest easy, Challenge participants!  We have extended the entry deadline for the 2011 Law Enforcement Challenge to FRIDAY, APRIL 27!!!!

This is it though... I need your entries by that date; not postmarked by that date.  The state judging begins the next week and the entries go to Alexandria for the National Challenge judging on Friday, May 4.  

If you have any questions as you are finishing up your entry, please don't hesitate to contact me, Erin Schrad, at or 804-512-5162 (mobile).

Related Traffic Safety Awards Programs

Even if your agency is unable to enter the Law Enforcement Challenge, there are several other traffic safety awards programs that you may be eligible for:

2012 Virginia General Assembly Report

VACP Executive Director Dana Schrad has assembled a pre-veto session report of legislation passed, carried over for study, and failed during the 2012 Session of the Virginia General Assembly.

Bills listed in each subject category passed the General Assembly.  In some cases, the Governor has signed the bill into law.  Those bills that have not been signed by the Governor are still considered passed legislation UNLESS they are vetoed by the Governor sometime between now and the reconvened session.  The Governor also may offer amendments to be accepted or rejected by the legislature on April 18.  Following the list of passed legislation are lists of bills that failed or were carried over for consideration in the 2013 legislative session.  In many cases there are duplicate House and Senate bills.

Click here to read the legislative report

May 2012 Click It or Ticket Fast Approaching!

Mobilization Dates: May 21 – June 3


1. If you are currently holding a grant with the Highway Safety Office, then you ARE required to participate in Click It or Ticket this May.

2. While nighttime enforcement is still very important, because that’s when the majority of fatalities are happening with our 18-34 year old men, we are NOT requiring any percentage to be dedicated to nighttime enforcement. However, we strongly urge you to consider it.

3. We are still making all of the paper forms available to you; however, ALL of the data (pre-survey, post-survey, summons data, and media) will need to be reported through TREDS this May. The paper forms are being posted online. All but the summons form are now available.

4.  Start ordering your Click It or Ticket materials so that you’ll have them ready when we begin!  Click here to order

5.  Take pictures of your activities!  Pictures of both your education and enforcement events can be used by you in your Law Enforcement Challenge entries and can also appear in this newsletter or in the Smart, Safe & Sober Calendar... so document, document, DOCUMENT!!!  Send the photos to Erin Schrad at


  • Pre-Surveys Due: May 11 (report through TREDS)
  • Begin Earned Media: May 13 (runs until June 4)
  • Enforcement Mobilization: May 21-June 3
  • Post Surveys Due: June 8 (report through TREDS)
  • Summons and Media Data Due: June 15 (report through TREDS)

If you have any questions or need any assistance as you prepare to participte, contact Mary Ann Rayment or your local DMV Highway Safety Program Manager.

St. Patrick's Day Impaired Driving Enforcement Snapshots

The Albemarle County Police Department joined forces with the County Sheriff's Office, Virginia State Police, and U.Va. Police to conduct three sobriety checkpoints on St. Patrick's Day.  Sixty officers screened 1,576 vehicles and issued a total of 109 summonses and arrests. 

This was the first time in the history of the Albemarle County Police Department that multiple sobriety checkpoints were used to combat drinking and driving.

The Henrico County Police also had a successful St. Patrick's Day enforcement effort with officers checking more than 1,100 vehicles and issuing more than 120 summonses and arrests.

Read more and see the photos!

Want to see YOUR agency's efforts showcased in this newsletter?

Send your news releases, articles, photos, etc to Erin Schrad at  Newsletters are published at the end of each DMV grant quarter.  The next newsletter is due out at the end of June, so submit your Click It or Ticket activity reports!

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 2012

Join DRIVE SMART Virginia this month in calling for all Virginia drivers to put down their phone when they get behind the wheel. 

Campaign Information

Campaign Toolkit – News release templates, posters, web banners, email ideas, tweets, etc!

Click It or Ticket

Click It or Ticket National Mobilization

Mar 21 – June 3, 2012

State and national campaign resources are now available!

Virginia-specific forms, release templates, deadlines, campaign materials, etc.

National Mobilization Planner


Upcoming Trainings/Campaigns

National Work Zone Awareness Week
Apr 23 – 27 &

Fundamentals of Crash Investigation
Apr 23 – 27 • Fredericksburg

This 80-hour hybrid course imparts the knowledge and skills required for detailed crash investigation and combines classroom lectures with practical field exercises. Students will complete 40 hours of online instruction before attending the 40 hours of classroom instruction. Course Fee: $85.

Advanced Crash Reconstruction
May 7 – 11 • Henrico
July 9 – 13 • Salem
Aug 13 – 17 • Fredericksburg

The 80-hour hybrid course will focus on motor vehicle crash reconstruction topics such as theory and derivation of reconstruction equations, 360 conservation of linear momentum analysis, and an introduction to topics such as bicycle/pedestrian and large truck crash investigation. The course fee is $50.

Bike-to-Work Week
May 14 – 18

DUID Training Program
May 17 • Abingdon
June 15 • Manassas
July 6 • Lynchburg
Sept 19 • Richmond

This training focuses on the difficult cases involving driver impairment due to the use of illegal and/or prescription drugs. There is no charge for this single day training program.

Motorcycle Crash Investigation
May 21– 25 • Chesterfield
July 30 – Aug 3 • Radford
Sept 17 – 21 • Ashburn

The course will focus on motorcycle crash reconstruction topics such as crash causation, State and Federal regulations, handling and stability issues unique to motorcycles, airborne and minimum speed from skid calculations, and time, distance and acceleration analysis. Prerequisite for enrollment is successful completion of a basic 80 hour crash investigation course. There is no fee for the course.

Advanced Crash Investigation
June 4 – 8 • Ashburn
June 18 – 22 • Radford

The 80-hour hybrid course will focus on motor vehicle crash reconstruction topics such as theory and derivation of reconstruction equations, flip and vault speed calculations, fall speed calculations, time, distance and acceleration analysis, and in-line conservation of linear momentum analysis. The course fee is $40.

(Commercial Vehicle) Roadcheck 2012
June 5 – 7

2012 Lifesavers Conference
June 14 – 16 • Orlando, FL

Advanced DUI Training for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement
Aug 22-24 • Staunton

Topics to be covered at this in-depth training include Investigative Stops, Checkpoints, Blood Testing Issues and DUI Manslaughter. This training program utilizes a team-training format requiring a team consisting of a prosecutor and a law enforcement officer from the same jurisdiction.

There is no charge for this 3-day long training program.

Social Media Networks

Social media networks are unavoidable now.  The top most visited web site in the world is Google, but the second most is Facebook!  With smartphones and tablets and widespread access to high-speed internet conections wherever we are, Facebook and Twitter have become the first places that people go to figure out what is going on in their community and social circles.  If your agency has not yet created a Facebook page and made use of this direct line of communication with your citizens, then you should really start thinking about it.  As we head into spring and summer and a number of traffic safety education and enforcement campaigns, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way for you to educate people about traffic safety issues and when you are going to be stepping up enforcement efforts.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police has created a fantastic resource – the IACP Center for Social Media – that has all kinds of information and resources about how to incorporate social media in your communications plans, policies to establish in your agency, ways to engage your audience, etc.  They even have a directory of law enforcement agencies across the world that are using social media outlets, so you can look up and see how other agencies in Virginia are making use of these 21st century tools.

The Smart, Safe & Sober Partnership has been heavily using Facebook and Twitter to reach people.  Connect with us! and

(And for a quick explanation of the most popular social networks and what they're used for, check out this little infographic: "Social Media Explained (in cop terms)"!


REMINDER: Officer Belt Use Poster Campaign

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) is aiming to increase officer belt usage with a simple message – "Wear this, Not this" – over an image of an officer wearing a seat belt against an image of a shrouded badge, the universal symbol marking the death of an officer in the line of duty. The VACP's hope is that this stark image will make an impression on officers and get them to think about the risks they're taking by not buckling up.

Several agencies have already had CUSTOMIZED POSTERS created featuring their own officers, and the VACP is happy to accommodate this interest. If you'd like to have a poster made up for your agency featuring your own officers, please contact Erin Schrad at the VACP – or (804) 285-8227.  If you are simply interested in having some posters to display in your agency (regardless of agency represented in the poster), also contact Erin Schrad for more information.

Saved by the Belt

Saved by the Belt Awards

Stafford County Sheriff's Office and Albemarle County Police Department honor nearly 40 local citizens with Saved by the Belt Awards for making the life-saving decision to buckle up.

Stafford County honored 35 citizens, ranging from the very young to adult, at a ceremony at their department with County Board of Supervisor Susan Stimpson. Stimpson complimented the honorees for their actions and Sheriff Charles Jett spoke about seat belt safety and the difference it can make in the life of a motor vehicle operator.

Albemarle County Police honored three people who were "saved by the belt" at an event Thursday afternoon, April 5. In 2011, Albemarle County ranked among the top counties in the state for car wrecks and fatalities. In an effort to increase safety and awareness, the police department gave awards to three people who survived violent car crashes last year because they chose to wear a seat belt.

Albemarle Police Chief Steve Sellers also recognized three county officers for their efforts traffic enforcement.


Sticker Shock Program to Help Prevent Underage Drinking

On Saturday, March 31, high school students in Staunton teamed up with police to educate the community about ways to prevent underage drinking. The program is called, "Sticker Shock" and the mission is to remind people over the age of 21 that it is illegal to buy alcohol for minors.

The SAW Coalition (Staunton, Augusta, Waynesboro), a program through the Office on Youth in Staunton, was busy Saturday sticking it to underage drinking. While the goal was to spread awareness about the harmful affects of underage drinking, program coordinators say their mission ultimately is to save lives.

"A lot of kids at 17 and 18, when it's still illegal to buy alcohol, think they're indispensable, it's not going to happen to them," said SAW Program Coordinator Nancy Tyree.

Project "Sticker Shock" slaps a strong message in the face of liquor buyers.

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Road-Specific Crash Information Available on DMV's Website

Interactive Map Provides Street-Level Details

RICHMOND - Accessing Virginia traffic crash information has never been easier and more thorough than with today's Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website. DMV recently added a new feature to its interactive crash database and now, through Google mapping functionality, users can check out a street-level view of crashes that occurred on specific roads or intersections.

The crash map is part of DMV's state-of-the-art automated Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS) that centralizes all of Virginia's crash data and related information. The public gained access to TREDS for the first time last August and citizens can now search for general information about crashes statewide or in a specific locality, and create custom reports with date ranges that include crashes with injuries, fatalities or both. No personal driver information is published.

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