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Smart, Safe & Sober Newsletter - Fall 2011

LEC Top Award Winners

2010 Va. Law Enforcement Challenge Awards 

Virginia Beach Police, Fairfax Co. MPO Moore take home top honors

This past Tuesday, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police presented the 2010 Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge Awards to thirty-nine Virginia law enforcement agencies in recognition of their exemplary traffic safety efforts during calendar year 2010. Additionally, eleven of these agencies will receive National Law Enforcement Challenge Awards from the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The National Awards will be presented later this month in Chicago at the IACP Conference. Congratulations to all of the winners!

The VACP also announced the winner of the 2010 Commonwealth Award for the best traffic safety program in the state in 2010 regardless of agency size or type. Not surprisingly, the 2010 award went to the Virginia Beach Police Department as they also were selected as the 2010 Clay Hall Memorial Award winner in the National Challenge for having the best traffic safety program in the country! Congratulations to Chief Jim Cervera and the men and women of the Virginia Beach Beach Police Department and thank you for being a leader in traffic safety!

And for the third year, the VACP also recognized a Virginia officer as the Traffic Safety Officer of the Year. The 2010 honoree is MPO Joseph Moore of the Fairfax County Police Department! Officer Moore was selected for having initiated his agency’s distracted driving initiatives last year and for helping to spearhead the massive year-long education and enforcement effort.

An eight-year veteran of the Fairfax County Police Department’s Motorcycle Squad, Officer Moore observes unsafe driving behaviors on roadways across Fairfax every day. Last year, he decided he wanted to do more. The life-saving educational endeavors he initiated included orchestrating a hands-on driving demonstration where reporters were invited to drive the agency’s coned course as officers created a series of distractions, developing a series of in-house distracted driving enforcement trainings for his fellow-officers, and working with teenagers during Youth Traffic Safety month.

In addition to the educational component, Officer Moore also did his part to help keep streets safe through enforcement by issuing 900 tickets and warnings for traffic infractions. Overall, the campaign he started is credited with helping to produce a 48% increase in the number of citations for distracted driving infractions over the observed nine-month time period compared to the previous year.

“Officer Moore is truly a dedicated, hardworking and compassionate officer who cares about keeping our community safe and works tirelessly with his fellow-officers,” said Captain Susan Culin, Commander of the Fairfax County Traffic Division. “It’s an honor for one of our members to be recognized by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police,” she said.

Full list of 2010 Va. LEC winners
Photos of the 2010 Award Recipients

2011 Va. LEC Application information is available now!

2011 Click It or Ticket Awards

2011 Click It or Ticket Awards

At the Smart, Safe & Sober Regional Workshops this past August, the Virginia Highway Safety Office acknowledged law enforcement agencies for their efforts during the May 2011 Click It or Ticket Mobilization. Agencies in each of the six regions were recognized for either having the Highest Seat Belt Usage Rate at the end of the mobilization or for having the Most Improved Usage Rate.

Additionally, individual officers from each region were recognized with Leadership and Dedication Awards for spearheading their agencies' Click It or Ticket efforts.

Full list of 2011 Click It or Ticket Award winners

Photos of the Award Recipients

Border to Border 2011

Border to Border 2011

The Labor Day holiday weekend began with the annual Border to Border traffic safety checkpoints in Virginia on September 1, 2011. Law Enforcement agencies from Virginia in partnership with Kentucky, North Carolina and Maryland law enforcement held concurrent checkpoints on key borders to alert motorists that law enforcement would be on the roads across these states to make sure everyone got back home safely.

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All CPSF Data to Be Submitted Through TREDS

Effective October 1, 2011, Virginia law enforcement agencies must now submit ALL Checkpoint Strikeforce (CPSF) through TREDS. DMV can no longer accept reports in the old way of emailing them to Butch Letteer.

Additionally, as soon as agencies receive their TREDS login and password, they can immediately begin to enter data through TREDS. DMV will be combining all data submitted throughout the years soon after October 1, so agencies will be able to go back as far as they have submitted data to see their numbers.

If your agency has not submitted a request for a TREDS login, please contact the TREDS team at (804) 239-6931.


Forty-eight Virginia State Troopers Certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians

Virginia is happy to welcome 48 new Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST), courtesy of the Virginia State Police who had a goal of having at least one certified CPST Trooper in every area office!

Troopers from around the Commonwealth participated in the National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification course for four days. It combined classroom instruction, hands-on work with car seats and vehicles, and a community safety seat checkup event. At the checkup event, Troopers demonstrated skills learned during class.

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Halloween Impaired Driving Campaign

Halloween Impaired Driving Prevention Campaign Planner

The dates of the Halloween Crackdown are Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2011... planners are available online now, so be sure and get your materials with the new "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" messaging.

Click It or Ticket

Thanksgiving Click It or Ticket Campaign Planner

The dates of the Thanksgiving Mobilization are Nov 14 - 17, 2011... planners are available online now.

Get your Virginia specific campaign materials from the Smart, Safe & Sober web site and DRIVE SMART® Virginia.

Upcoming Trainings & Conferences

NHTSA DWI/DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
10/4 - 10/6 • Salem

Participants should be any officers responsible for DWI enforcement who will actually use all aspects of the training, especially the three standardized field sobriety tests – horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn and one leg stand. Officers selected to attend this training should be aware of the hazards caused be impaired drivers, are motivated to arrest those drivers and their duty assignments enable them to spend the time required to process DWI offenders will benefit substantially from this course.

Initial registration is limited to Cardinal Academy member agency personnel only. Member agencies may enroll 1 person per agency until September 15, 2011. Non-members may register after September 15, 2011, if seats remain. Enrollment is limited to 25 students. Please provide names when registering.

2011 Military/Civilian Transportation Safety Workshop
11/2 - 11/3 • Newport News

This Workshop provides a unique opportunity for safety advocates from the Commonwealth of Virginia to hear experts and leaders discuss the latest issues in transportation safety. Sessions on Safety Programs, Law Enforcement, Engineering, Research, and Legislation are offered to examine new developments and opportunities in the areas of highway, rail, air, and water safety.


VACP Partners with Docview to Provide Agencies FREE Crash Report Distribution Resource

The Va. Assn. of Chiefs of Police now has an exclusive partnership with Docview LLC, a service that provides agencies with a no-cost, online solution for distributing their crash reports to private citizens, insurance companies and legal firms as well as other LE agencies and governmental entities.

Docview can help reduce the administrative burden on your Records Staff, lower operational costs, and provide a FREE resource for your detectives to assist in their investigations while still allowing your agency to maintain 100% of your report sales revenue.

For more information about Docview and an overview of the benefits of utilizing their service, please visit the VACP’s web page on Docview!

Virginia Chiefs Announce Officer Belt Use Campaign

In August at the Traffic Safety Leadership Symposium, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) announced a new campaign aimed at getting officers to buckle up. Historically, more law enforcement officers are killed by traffic-related accidents (auto, motorcycle & bicycle crashes or being struck by a vehicle) than by any other cause, including being shot.* Automobile crashes alone are the #2 cause. But in spite of these facts, seat belt use among LEOs is lower than that of the general population.

Thanks to campaigns like Click It or Ticket and the efforts of law enforcement officers to get people to buckle up, seat belt use among the general population of the United States has reached a high of 84 percent (in 2009) – an increase of 65 percent since 1975. Usage of this device has saved more lives than any other vehicle safety program. Ironically, even though law enforcement officers are the group most responsible for helping to achieve this remarkably high level of usage, they are operating at approximately the country’s 1997 level of usage – around 65 percent.

The VACP is aiming to increase officer belt usage with a simple message – "Wear this, Not this" – over an image of an officer wearing a seat belt against an image of a shrouded badge, the universal symbol marking the death of an officer in the line of duty. The VACP's hope is that this stark image will make an impression on officers and get them to think about the risks they're taking by not buckling up.

Three posters have been mocked up at this time: one featuring a police officer, one a state trooper, and one a sheriff's deputy. Several agencies have already indicated an interest in having personalized posters created featuring their own officers, and the VACP is happy to accommodate this interest. If you'd like to have a poster made up for your agency featuring your own officers, please contact Erin Schrad at the VACP – or (804) 285-8227.  If you are simply interested in having some posters to display in your agency, also contact Erin Schrad for more information.

Also inresponse to this alarming situation of low belt usage among officers, the International Association of Chiefs of Police has produced a roll-call training video titled "Is Today Your Day?IACP approached this video from the standpoint of the two groups most able to gain the attention of law enforcement officers: their professional partners and their families. Over a period of time, officers arguably share more face time and more personal details with their partners than with anyone else. Moreover, officers wish to return safely to their families after each and every shift. They are cognizant of the sacrifices that family members have made to support their careers. IACP harnessed the emotion that these two groups evoke in officers and allowed them to shed light on the consequences of officers’ failures to buckle up in "Is Today Your Day?"

This video was mailed to thousands of agencies across the country, but the IACP has also allowed the VACP to post it on their web site for officers to view on their own or for agencies and academies to stream in a training.

*Source: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
Bristol Police

Bristol Police Institute Monthly Traffic Safety Recognition Program

In April 2011, the Bristol Police Department began a monthly traffic safety officer recognition program. A Certificate of Achievement is given each month to the officer(s) with the highest number of citations/arrests in the areas of DUI, speeding, and seat belt enforcement. Along with the certificate, officers recognized for their efforts in seat belt enforcement are being given a Click It or Ticket lapel pin.

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Christiansburg Police Challenge Town to Buckle Up

On September 1, the Christiansburg Police Department launched the Christiansburg Seatbelt Challenge. The program challenged all drivers in town to buckle up and help Christiansburg increase its seatbelt usage rate to 95% during the month of September. The normal usage rate is 85%.

The Challenge focused on increased enforcement of seatbelt laws and high visibility of law enforcement officers in the community. Drivers pulled over in September who were not wearing a seatbelt got a ticket. But the Challenge wasn’t just about giving tickets...

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2012 SSS Calendar

Seeking Agencies for 2012 SS&S Calendar

Calling all interested agencies!  Each year we feature 12 agencies in the Smart, Safe & Sober Calendar, and we try whenever possible to feature agencies that haven't been in it before. If your agency is interested, please contact Erin Schrad at the VACP ( as soon as possible... preferably by NEXT MONDAY, October 10.

Interested agencies need to be prepared to supply high-resolution images of their officers doing something in the area of traffic safety.

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