Insight Newsletter: A cautionary tale to make you smile
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A cautionary tale to make you smile...

This tale about chat room confusion reflects a greater challenge we all face at work and throughout our lives in general.

The challenge of
genuine communication...

A father walked past his son’s room one afternoon and noticed him typing frantically at his keyboard as his friend peered over his shoulder. ‘What did she say?’, the friend asked. ‘Nothing yet, I’m still waiting’, was the reply. 

Intrigued, the father asked the boys what they were doing.
‘We’re talking to girls’, they said in unison without taking their eyes from the computer screen. â€˜Talking to girls?’, the father responded, ‘How does that work?’.

The boys proceeded to give the father an impassioned tutorial on the workings of chat rooms, while at the same time highlighting an age-old dilemma... 
‘The problem is girls won’t talk to boys’, the son lamented. ‘But’, his friend chipped in, ‘We’ve found a solution to that… We’re pretending to be girls’, he whispered ‘and, now they will talk to us’.

As the alarm bells started to ring in the father’s head, his son said, ‘The only thing is, now we have a bigger problem’. â€˜What’s that’, the father asked. 
‘Well’, his son replied with a puzzled look on his face, ‘now that we’re pretending to be girls and the girls are talking to us, we can’t tell whether we’re talking to real girls or boys pretending to be girls!’
Authentic, genuine communication and 'being yourself' can be challenging!

How often do you disguise yourself and pretend to be someone you are not in order to reach out to colleagues ,strangers and even lovers and friends?

And, as with the boys in this tale, the result can be misunderstanding and confusion.

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