Can critical thinking be taught? 

New: Exploratory Testing by PractiTest for complete QA coverage and visibility

PractiTest now includes a new type of test that supports Exploratory and Session Based Testing practices.  Run Exploratory Testing Sessions directly in your Test Sets. Create annotations and report bugs “on the go”, for easy tracking and collaboration.  Learn more.


What Do Tests Look Like?

We challenge you to think about the activities we do as testers, the output that comes from those activities, and the effect that those outputs can have on how others view what we do as testers. There are different test options available to us, so what do test look like?  Read the article.


Step-by-Step Answers To Technical Interview Questions

Applitools presents Sr. Software Engineer in Test at Twitter, Angie Jones. Angie will go over technical interview questions for automation jobs!  The interview process for automation engineers has become a lot more difficult, often on par with a software developer.  Join the webinar  on Friday, July 28, 11 am PT


Rebooting The Ministry Of Testing Scholarship

The MoT scholarship was set up in 2013 and we thought it about time to make a bit of a fuss.  We've had some awesome people and companies donate their fees and money to The Scholarship Fund, all in a bid to help new testers find their feet.  We also want to share the success of these testers too!  Interested? Read all about it.


Can Critical Thinking Be Taught?

We all know that critical thinking is used practically daily in our work as testers.  It got us thinking.  Is critical thinking something that is taught? Or are we built with that thinking muscle already in place and we just tend to exercise it more than most?  What has been your experience? Share it over on the discussion.


New Podcasts For Your Ears 

We have two new podcasts for you, first is Psychology And Anxiety In Testing with Göran Kero And Gem Hill. Gem is talking about 'AUT: Anxiety Under Test' while Göran is talking about 'What I, A Tester, Have Learnt From Studying Psychology. The second podcast is TestBash Manchester and all things MoT with Richard Bradshaw.  Richard is one of the organisers for TestBash Manchester, so he's sharing more info on the event itself.


Acceptance Criteria in 99 Seconds

Acceptance Criteria, why is it useful?   We have some examples for you on how to write up criteria and pitfalls you should be aware of to avoid if possible.  Watch the video


Testing Blogs 

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Testing Chatter

We go hunting to see what testers are talking about, so you don't have to!

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