A message from the Scout Executive
A message from the Scout Executive:
Dear Scouters and friends,
It is my great honor to have been selected to serve as the Scout Executive of the Voyageurs Area Council.  My first day of service was June 16, 2017.  I will be here for a few weeks without my family as we are working to get our house sold in Utah.  I expect to have my wife, Karen, and youngest child, Emma, join me here by the middle of July.
The next few months will be spent meeting with many of you and attending as many meetings and events as time will allow.  It is my sincere desire to know you and be your advocate and friend.  I am anxious to be a part of your Scouting life and service and to work by your side as you look for ways to instill the values of Scouting into the lives of our young people.  It is my hope that, as we do so, parents and families will see that Scouting is a great organization and the program can be just what they need for the whole family.
My time is yours.  My attention is yours.  Please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know what is on your mind, what concerns you, and what your hopes are for Scouting in the Council.  I look forward to all the good things we may accomplish together.
Most sincerely,
Michael Jenkins
Scout Executive, Voyageurs Area Council
O: 218-740-4520   C: 218-464-3000
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