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Healthy Missions Q1 2013 Newsletter

Greetings Valued Client,

This letter is being written to all my current clients (Both individual and small group health insurance plans) as well as prospective clients. By now you must have heard an awful lot about Health Care Reform. In fact, it may seem to be old news for many of you. The majority of the Affordable Care Act will become effective Jan 1, 2014 … in 9 short months! This letter is to inform you of some critical upcoming information that will affect each of you.

For starters Valued Client, every state will have different health care reform initiatives. Since many of you are in California I would like to share a few things that may be of interest to you today:

1. All Americans under age 65 will be required by law to have health insurance come 2014. Failure to own Health Insurance will incur a 1% of income tax penalty starting in 2014 and going up to 2.5% in 2016. Over age 65 rules don’t change. No clients will get denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions or for any other reason!

2. You will have a six month window to get health insurance for 2014: Oct 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. If you do not have insurance and you miss this window you will not be able to get it later in the year without an exception. This is very similar to the Medicare open enrollment period currently.

3. Some Americans that make a low enough income: about $50K/year per person or $100K/yr per family of 4 may qualify for certain tax advantages. When I am working with you we will be able to determine if you qualify for any of these discounts. The only reason you would buy a plan in the exchange is if you qualify for these discounts.

4. Small Businesses owners will be deciding if they want to keep their group health insurance or not. I have the tax calculators you need to help determine if you should continue your small group health plan or switch all employees to individual insurance. There will be no more worries of people getting denied for previous health conditions, a major reason many small businesses got a group health plan in the first place. You may still wish to consult with your CPA for tax issues or attorney for legal questions.

If you have any questions at all about Health Care Reform please consider me your expert in this area as I know there will be lots of questions over the next 6 months.

Tarkus Mossberg, MBA
Owner of Healthy Missions Insurance Solutions
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I broker health insurance for individuals and small companies and partner only with trusted financial advisors. Our vision at Healthy Missions is to donate a % of our commissions to missionary work overseas. Small group tax credit calculator:
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