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Virtual Book Tour

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We're going on the road!

From June 5th until June 27th Anke is going on the road, visiting venues in Australia, UK and the US to promote the release of her new book 'Homemade Health'.   
Participating blogs/sites will feature Q&A's, reviews, guest posts and give aways. Please show your support by visiting and sharing.
See you on the road!

HOMEMADE HEALTH – 3rd book of the Herbology At Home series has finally hit the shelves.

When a new book is released upon the unsuspecting public, quite often the author will go on a book tour.  Book stores all over the state/country host book signings and readings to help promote new releases.  Since my readership is spread so far and wide, across a great many countries, I figured that a virtual book tour would give everyone the chance to attend events hosted by participating blogs from around the globe.  It also looks really cool to say that one day I am in Derbyshire (UK) and the next day I am in Melbourne (AU), soon to be in Illinois (US). The frequent flyer miles would be awesome, the air fares would not.

During the tour the hosts are presenting a variety of content to keep you all interested.  There are author guest posts, Q & A sessions, reviews and giveaways of autographed copies of Homemade Health.  Please visit these blogs, they each have a great message and I am very grateful for their support of Herbology and the Herbology At Home series of books.

Details for Homemade Health can be found HERE.

Virtual Book Tour Schedule 

Date Blog/Venue Content URL
Tues 5th AU Suz’s Space  Q&A session
Wed 6th AU Accidental Hippy Post: Herbal Cleaners
Fri 8th US Comfrey Cottages Book review
Fri 8th AU The Friday Tea Club Guest Appearance & Book Signing at the Herbal Infusion Appreciation Class
Sun 10th AU Radio 4BC Interview with Clair Levander on Talking Gardening
Wed 13th AU Rhianna’s Guide to Ethical Eating Post: Wild Foods – For Health & Environment
Thur 14th UK Herbal Haven Book Review
Sat 16th US Writing Opinions Book Review


Post: Starting on the herbal health journey
Mon 18th AU Susan Kirk |Journalist Book Review
Tue 19th AU A Green Witches Garden (FB)

Book Review

Q&A session
Thurs 21st UK UK Herbarium Post: Herbs for Pets
Fri 22nd US Comfrey Cottages Post: Stillroom Book – Recording herbal traditions for future generations
Mon 25th AU Mayking Tea Book Review
Tue 26th AU The Environmental Rhi-Source Q&A session
Wed 27th AU Herbalicious (FB) Q&A session


As with the other two books before, Homemade Health is available on Amazon.  I'm not sure if you noticed but Amazon has a tagging feature down the product page where you can add tags which are key words used in searching for the right book.  There you can either add your own search term you used to find the book or you can agree with the ones already there.  Just tick the ones you agree with and press 'Agree with all tages"  

Here is how tagging works:
1-LIKE the book (next to the title)
2-click on the tags (YA, sci-fi etc) then on AGREE WITH TAGS

If you are feeling extra supportive and generous, you can also:
1-click on the author page and LIKE that too. 
2-open the list of reviews and click YES for 4 star and up, NO to 2 and less 

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