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Sculpture by Robert Gregson reflecting in sculpture by Robert Gregson.
Lost in Space
A photo essay.
In a fitting end to an extended term, this year’s City-Wide Open Studios held its fourth and final weekend—there are usually three—in an extended space: Erector Square.

A sprawling three-story complex of art and other studios, it’s organized into eight numbered “buildings” that fit together in counterintuitive ways. You could enter some back stairs into Building 8, then take some stairs to Building 6, for example. Or, at one end of a series of hallways, you could go from Building 6 to Building 1 simply by crossing a threshold.
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As they do every year, signs at intersections competed for visitors’ attention, encouraging us to find this artist that way or that artist this way. Arrows taped onto walls pointed in directions where there was more to see—which meant they were often pointing opposite ways. Many of us found ourselves retracing our steps or realizing we’d already been down this hallway or that.

Which is all fine and well, because you really can’t ask for a better place to get lost in than Erector Square during CWOS.
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Photo Key:

1. Sculpture by Bob Gregson.
2. André Eamiello with some of his paintings.
3. Work by Hibbs Art Glass.
4. Sculpture by Douglas Papuga.
5. Paintings by Duncan Milne.
6. Painting by Margot Nimiroski.
7. Violins and violas hanging inside K.H. Chapin Fine Violins LLC.
8. Painting by Gay Schempp.
9. Painting by Michael Horseman.
10. Painting by Dionel Altreche.
11. Sculpture/installation by Debbie Hesse.
12. Sculpture by Margaret Ulecka-Wilson.
13. Installation by Kathryn Frund.
14. Pottery by Sonja Kostas.
15. Painting by Shilo Ratner.
16. Sculpture by Joseph Saccio.
17. Painting by Thomas Reilly.
18. Sculpture and mixed media by Eliška Mörsel Greenspoon.
19. Painting by Barbara Phoenix.
20. Painting by Francine Funke.
21. Fabric and mixed media by Leila Daw.
22. Works on paper by Irene Miller.
23. Mixed media painting by Corina Alvarezdelugo.
24. Painting by María Lara.
25. Encaustic/collage by Hilary Opperman.
26. Painting in progress by Jan Cunningham.
27. Painting by Edgar Serrano.
28. Print by Oi Fortin.
29. Mixed media by Lori Miller.
30. Mixed media by Karen Wheeler.
31. Encaustic painting by Amy Arledge.
32. Painting by Lisa Hess Hesselgrave.
33. Works on paper by Mark Williams.
34. Photographic art by Tom Mahoney.
Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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CWOS 2016 - Erector Square Weekend
October 29-30 at Erector Square - 315 Peck St, New Haven (map)
New Haven Symphony
Join us for a beer tasting and beard contest prior to our performance of Brahms’s Symphony No. 4!
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This Week in New Haven
If you were out over the weekend, you saw Halloween hijinks rise with each descent into night.
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