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Abbie Rabinowitz in front of her painting “Spiral Dance,” in progress.
Wonders Wandered
A photo essay.
Alfred Carlton Gilbert would approve.

When A. C. was around, the labyrinthine Fair Haven complex now dubbed Erector Square—after the iconic Erector Sets the once-soaring A. C. Gilbert Company invented and produced—was a house of wonders, where imaginative adults worked out ways to enthrall new generations of kids.
The NHSO celebrates Veterans Day with Brothers in Arts, a multimedia WWII-inspired musical journey featuring jazz, classical and cabaret vocals. Tickets start at just $15 →
Now full of artists in private studios, not toymakers in company offices, a house of wonders it remains. And thanks to the third and final weekend of this year’s City-Wide Open Studios bonanza, held at Erector Square this past Saturday and Sunday, we’ve got proof. (Photo key below.)
Photo Key:

1. Abbie Rabinowitz with her painting “Spiral Dance” (in progress), commissioned for the exterior of a home in Milford.
2. Side-stacked paintings by Mark Williams.
3. Painted and encaustic works by visiting artist Amy Arledge.
4. Paintings by Jan Cunningham, reflected in mirror.
5. Ceramics by Claudine Burns-Smith.
6. A view from the former office of legendary toymaker/inventor A.C. Gilbert.
7. Martha Willette Lewis hanging out in her site-specific, high-concept installation “The method of Loci,” inside Gilbert’s old office.
8. Lisa Hess Hesselgrave in front of her paintings “Difficult Child” and “Jumprope, Pink Room.”
9. Handmade fiber work by Jennifer Davies.
10. Partial views of “The Sorrow of the Salmon,” “Last Gasp” and “Sound View Swarm” by Jacqueline Jones.
11. Lamps by Sideways & Askew and pottery by Hayne Bayless.
12. Inedible asparagus and lemon wedges by Hayne Bayless.
13. Portrait of Amy Winehouse by Dionel Altriche.
14. “One Word” by Kathryn Frund.
15. Biomorphic work by Joseph Saccio, who stands to the left in the background.
16. One of two such screen printing arrays inside Left Hand Print Shoppe (which shares space with the Erector Brewing Collective).
17. Works on paper by Liz Pagano.
18. Detail of “A Colony of Drifters” (foreground and middle ground, detail) by Lani Asuncion.
19. Paintings from Scott Paterson’s Barcelona and New York series (and possibly others).
20. Stairwell leading down from the A. C. Gilbert Company’s old executive hallway.
21. A close-up of the huge pivot window pictured in #20.
Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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CWOS 2015:
Erector Square Weekend

Invention and imagination on display this past weekend
Location: Erector Square - 315 Peck St, New Haven (map)
Brothers in Arts
The NHSO celebrates Veterans Day with Brothers in Arts, a multimedia WWII-inspired musical journey.
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