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A house on University Place.
Haunting Houses
A photo essay.
Halloween’s tomorrow, but the only decorations among the houses of University Place, a wider-than-long horseshoe looping off Elm Street, are a couple of smallish pumpkins.

Perhaps it’s because these houses don’t need decorating.
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One home already looks like the phantasmagoric “alive” kind, its beige skin, peeling badly, tattooed in dried-blood red with potentially nefarious glyphs. A rich purple house with aqua detailing—like polka dots over windows and a candy stick trim—could be a deceptively happy-looking witch’s den, designed to lure children to their doom. A yellow house sporting zany Burtonesque (as in, Tim Burton) dimensions, replete with a narrow tower, could be the refuge of some scary-seeming (but really quite harmless) misfit. Even the more normal-looking homes on the block have strange details or funky paint jobs.

Of course, even the most innocent stuff can plunge us into a state of fear this time of year. It’s just that, on University Place, it’s particularly easy to get there.
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Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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University Place
a mini-neighborhood that turns a bit scary in late October
Location: Off Elm Street, just west of Dwight Street
Foote School
Join us for a parent tour to see how our hands-on curriculum develops curious and creative students.
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Downtown New Haven’s only Fall wine crawl! Sample unique wines at over a dozen 9th Square stops.
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