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Dear fellow Thinkers,

After several long board meetings and a few tears, we have reached a unanimous decision to close Room to Think. Yes, we know. It's a little disheartening. However, after reviewing our situation with honest eyes and mulling over every option, we know the best thing we can do is to step aside, allowing each of you to determine what comes next.

This is not another Tri-Cities business waving the white flag. This is an intentional decision made to imbue vitality. This is a desire to get back to basics, where people gather, create, and dream without strings or barriers to hold them back. This is a call to action.

You, me, us. We are the lifeblood. All that has happened—all that will happen—is to the credit of the individuals who make up this great community. Not a brand. Not an organization. People. The characteristics of Room to Think that wooed you on that first date are still present, alive, and well. The passionate people will continue to introduce community building projects, come up with convincing reasons to assemble, and drive ongoing conversation. As for coworking, that too will continue. In fact, infiltrating local coffee shops, libraries, and even businesses will allow us to reach new people, spread the word, and lead by visible example.

Please join us for one hell of a party in recognition of something great coming to a close and in celebration of TriConf (details below).

With encouraged hearts,

Shenoa Lawrence
Erin Anacker
Brett Grace
Nathan Vander Wilt
Doug Waltman


One Hell of a Party
at Room to Think (immediately after TriConf)
9:00pm Friday, July 19th
710 George Washington Way, Suite A
Richland, WA
RSVP via TriConf »

All members will maintain their privileges through our last day of regular business, Monday, July 30th. We'll be winding down operations during the final week and apologize in advance for any inconvenience. If you have a recurring credit card payment, it will be canceled after July 1st. If you have an automatic check payment set up, please remember to cancel it after July 1st. Any prepaid non-business memberships will be refunded the balance accounting for July's dues.

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Thanks to our Founding Sponsors for believing in our dream.
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