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Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended the meeting in-person and via Zoom. The meeting was well attended. Neighbors contributed with concerns about speeding in the neighborhood, short-term rentals and knowing more about the committees.

Meeting Documents: Agenda, Proposed Budget, Financial Statements

Board of Trustee Elections

Thank you to all our neighbors who voted in our election!  Neighbor participation is vital to the Board of Trustees representing all our interests.  There were 41 out of 107 ballots cast.  

We would like to welcome Cory McNeely and Mike Ondeck! 

A big thank you to outgoing members, Erin Ferguson and Jean Hottinger.

Short-term Rentals Survey

There are several homes in Hidden Cove that are presently being used as short-term rentals, including at least one that is owned by a LLC. The board has been discouraging short-term rentals, but is currently powerless to enforce a ban due to a lack of explicit prohibition in the HCOA CC&Rs.

We are currently considering a few options:

  1. Modify the CC&Rs to explicitly prohibit short-term rentals. This provides the most robust legal foundation to enforce a ban. However, it also requires ratification by ⅔ of the homeowners, which is a significant challenge.

  2. Modify the bylaws to explicitly prohibit short-term rentals. This action could be taken by the board directly, but does not provide as robust of a legal foundation to enforce the ban.

  3. A combination of the two options above, where the board would act quickly to amend the bylaws to ban short-term rentals while setting the process in motion to change the CC&Rs.

Survey Link
Please provide your input on this important topic! This is something that will require engagement from our entire neighborhood.

No On-street Parking November 1 - May 31

It’s that time of year already!
Summit County Snow Safety Reminders  we need to make sure the plows can clear the streets when the snow flies!


There have been a few questions about the mailboxes on Rasmussen Road.  It is a tricky situation- the property is owned by Summit County, the mailboxes are owned by the United States Postal Service.  Any maintenance on the boxes has to go through USPS and charges $40 to replace a lock on your box, unless you can catch the mail delivery person on a good day. :)

*Hint:  WD40 does a nice job of keeping the lock clean and in good working order.

Neighborhood Speed Limit

Please watch your speed in our neighborhood! It is 25 mph. 

Hidden Cove is full of dog-walkers, runners, children and wildlife and when combined with curvy roads, no sidewalks and a speeding vehicle… dangerous.  Please slow down.

It gets dark early these days, so please wear reflective gear while being out and about- even if drivers are going slow it is hard to see you!

Committee Updates

Please consider joining a committee...

No new information on any building or remodels this month.

Fire & Weeds  

  • Please ensure that chimneys and fireplaces are ready for the winter months.

Governing Documents

No new neighbors in the last month.

Property Improvements

Please get in touch with the Board first.
Remember that any exterior property improvement projects such as painting, siding, roofing material replacement, or any project that results in a change to the appearance of your property and its structures require the Board of Trustees to be notified.  Applications can be found on the Hidden Cove Website under Document Library.

As a reminder…

  • All Recreational Vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, motorhomes, trailers… shall be screened from view of all lots within the subdivision.  All vehicles exposed to view from any lot shall be maintained....and regularly used.  No commercial or industrial type vehicles or trailers shall be stored or parked on any lot.

  • No fencing is allowed in the subdivision.

  • One Accessory Structure per lot. Requires Board approval.

  • Garbage Cans must be obscured from view or construct a small screen fence to hide:  

    • "In no event shall such containers be maintained so as to be visible from neighboring property except when set out for a reasonable period of time before & after scheduled trash pickup times".

Wildlife Snapshot

Courtesy of B. McVey                            Courtesy of  H. Davidson

*Share your photos.

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Wildlife Awareness 

Your Board of Trustees
James Sutherland, President
Mike Ondeck, Vice President
Cory McNeely, Treasurer
Heidi Davidson, Secretary
Walt Jones, Trustee at Large


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