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Ohio Said No to Legalizing Marijuana.
It Might Have Nixed Federal Reforms, Too.
Three researchers published an article in in American Politics Research in 2011 finding that the passage or defeat of ballot initiatives in their home state influence the lawmaking of members of Congress.
Initiative results can tell Congresspeople how voters feel about a specific issue right down to the district level, in contrast to polls whose respondents do not necessarily vote in elections.
The researchers tested their theory on three issues—regulating campaign finance, raising the minimum wage, and same-sex marriage—and compared how federal lawmakers voted on these same issues.
They found that U.S. House members’ votes mirrored ballot initiative outcomes in their states.
Based on the results of their study, they predict that Ohio’s 2 to 1 rejection of both medical and recreational legalization last week will influence federal legislators. Not only Ohio’s 16 representatives, but lawmakers from other Midwestern states as well may be reluctant to change federal marijuana policy as a result of Ohio's vote.
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Note: National Families in Action (NFIA) has added to its list of marijuana prevention and drug prevention organizations. The list now contains more than 1,000 groups nationwide organized by state. This includes Ohio’s coalition, Ohioans against Marijuana Monopolies, of some 140 organizations that opposed marijuana legalization in their state.

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Leafs by Snoop: The Scoop on Snoop Dogg’s New Weed Line in Colorado
The offerings include eight strains of marijuana flower sold as pre-packaged eighths, quarters, and ounces.
They are also available as concentrates, both wax and shatter, and edibles.
Snoop’s edibles line includes “six different chocolate bar flavors, four types of cannabis drops, two gummies flavors, four fruit chews options, and what Snoop calls ‘peanut butter gems.’”
“Since I’ve been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years now, I’m a master of marijuana," Snoop said [at his launch party]. “So naturally, my people can trust that I picked out the finest, freshest products in the game. Let’s medicate, elevate, and put it in the air.”
See full line of products here.
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Your Chance to Contribute Your Voice
to World Drug Policy
The United Nations General Assembly will hold a Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs in New York, April 19-20, 2016. The New York NGO Committee on Drugs is conducting a survey and will compile survey answers and present them to delegations from around the world in preparation for the upcoming meeting.
You are urged to fill out this survey to get your voice or your organization’s voice heard on what you feel worldwide drug policy should be.
Several survey terms may be unfamiliar to you; we define three from their advocacy sources here.
Housing First Programs or ‘Wet” Housing
A wet house is a residential facility for chronically alcoholic and homeless men and women. Here, the homeless alcoholics eat, sleep, and drink as much as they want. Residents are not required to submit to counseling or treatment. It is a place with little expectation that residents will ever get sober. In fact, many of these residents eventually drink themselves to death. In a recent year, one large city reported that 70% of the deaths of homeless men and women were alcohol related. 
Safer Injecting Programs
Getting Off Right is a straightforward, easy-to-read how-to survival guide for injection drug users. It is a compilation of medical facts, injection techniques, junky wisdom and common sense strategies to keep users and their communities healthier and safer. 
Safe Injecting Facilities (SIFs) or Safe Consumption Rooms
Supervised injection rooms are legally sanctioned facilities where people who use intravenous drugs can inject pre-obtained drugs under medical supervision. Supervised injection facilities are designed to reduce the health and societal problems associated with injection drug use.
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About National Families in Action (NFIA)
NFIA consists of families, scientists, business leaders, physicians, addiction specialists, policymakers, and others committed to protecting children from addictive drugs. Our vision is:
  • Healthy, drug-free kids
  • Nurturing, addiction-free families
  • Scientifically accurate information and education
  • A nation free of Big Marijuana
  • Smart, safe, FDA-approved medicines developed from the cannabis plant (and other plants) 
  • Expanded access to medicines in FDA clinical trials for children with epilepsy

About SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) 

SAM is a nonpartisan alliance of lawmakers, scientists and other concerned citizens who want to move beyond simplistic discussions of "incarceration versus legalization" when discussing marijuana use and instead focus on practical changes in marijuana policy that neither demonizes users nor legalizes the drug. SAM supports a treatment, health-first marijuana policy. 

SAM has four main goals: 
  • To inform public policy with the science of today's marijuana.
  • To reduce the unintended consequences of current marijuana policies, such as lifelong stigma due to arrest.
  • To prevent the establishment of "Big Marijuana" - and a 21st-Century tobacco industry that would market marijuana to children.
  • To promote research of marijuana's medical properties and produce, non-smoked, non-psychoactive pharmacy-attainable medications.
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